I have finally overcome my fear and I've never been happier

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Oct 17, 2014
When I was 12 my mom took me to the dentist and I don't know if I really saw it as THAT traumatic but I CANNOT remember details other than the negative ones. I remember my mom waiting in the lobby because I felt I was old enough to handle it. I also remember my dentist yelling at me and making me feel inferior because I had a gag reflex. I distinctly remember my dentist calling me a horrible and uncooperative child.

I stupidly never told my mom about this because I got scared. I just knew that I was going to brush my teeth and take good care of my teeth so I would NEVER go back.

Fast forward to 12 years later....I never went back...my front tooth looked rotten and crooked when previously it was straight and perfect. I was terrified to go back. No matter what my parents told me I was get defensive and say I would go when I was ready. I hated the way I looked but I was scared to get yelled at by a dentist.

FINALLY what I thought was a piece of my tooth fell off and I panicked. Called the first dentist number and made an appointment for the next day. I was TERRIFIED but the thought of losing my tooth scared me more than seeing the dentist. (by the way, it wasn't a piece of my tooth that fell off it was plague!! If I had known that I wouldn't have gone to the dentist!!) My dentist is a very very kind man. I told him about my anxieties and why I was scared. He was more disappointed I was treated that way as a child and he told me he would help me overcome my fear and be patient. I was appalled to hear though that the previous dentist I saw 12 years ago started a root canal on my front tooth and never finished. My mom nor I were ever aware this dentist even started a root canal and if we were aware we definitely would've gone back to finish it.

So my tooth had an infection...an infection that had been there for 12 years. It caused me to get a cyst in my mouth which caused a lot of bone loss. I had to make the decision to extract my four front teeth because the infection was just that bad. I was completely FURIOUS at this point and intended to go back to my old dentist to get my charts to see what exactly they had done to me when I was 12. However, they got rid of my chart as soon as I turned 21 so I have no proof as to what was really done then. All I know is they ruined my teeth and now I'm going through the implant process.

I started off as a girl who was terrified of the dentist. Now I've gone through getting 8 teeth extracted at once (I had my wisdom teeth removed), getting braces AND wearing the flipper at the same time (not exactly fun but hey I can smile and laugh and look NORMAL compared to what I looked like before) AND I'M OK.

I get NO anxiety going to my dentist/orthodontist anymore. I'm not done YET but considering I just started my treatment in January I feel like I've come a long way. There is HOPE for those still trying to make the step to see a dentist. There are GREAT dentists out there that understand our fear. I'm SO lucky that out of all the random dentist I could've selected I happen to choose the one who has helped me get over my fear.


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi :thankyou: for taking the time to make your post I really enjoyed reading it. I am so pleased that you have found a dentist that takes your feelings into consideration and has spent the time to help you get the treatment you needed. :butterfly:

If you would like to post your dentist name and address of the practice you attend in the dentist recommendations part of the forum it might help others in your area find a dentist they can go and see.