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I just got my two left wisdom teeth removed, I got some questions



Junior member
Jul 21, 2018
hi everyone! i'm new here but i'm glad i found this place.

as the title says, i just got my two left wisdom teeth removed on thursday, so today is the 3rd day of my healing process. i have a tendency to freak myself out and get anxious, so my brain is exhausting me more than the healing process itself.

so, some details about my removal that could be helpful:
my teeth were fully erupted, the removal didn't take more than 7 minutes for both teeth and i didn't get any stitches or prescribed medication such as antibiotics. the doctor told me to pick whatever painkillers i like best and just avoid gargling/swishing water, and stick to soft cold food on the first day. my doctor is a professor and has years of experience, and yet my hypochondria and distrust in doctors is freaking me out telling me he's been too brief with me and didn't give me enough instructions. on the other, logical side, i realize that my removal isn't even considered surgical as it was so easy.

another thing i'd like to add is when the local anesthesia had worn off, the area was painful and uncomfortable but not to a degree where i even needed painkillers, so i didn't even take them (i like to avoid pills when i can).

and yet, the fear of dry sockets is always up there. i stuck to soft cold foods on the first and 2nd days such as cottage cheese and yogurt, and only in the morning of the third day (which is today) i allowed myself to have coffee, and later on two slices of bread cut into small pieces with some more cottage cheese. i don't know why i'm scared since the area doesn't even hurt anymore, i just feel that it's there, but i got worried cause the blood clot doesn't feel as big anymore? i don't touch it a lot with my tongue, but it feels different than it did on the first day so i'm scared it might be partially dislodged.

i know i probably sound frantic and way too dramatic, but i actually am. i've been trying so hard to think logically and remind myself my removal wasn't even complicated but you know... your brain can be your worst enemy.

so, are my chances of getting dry sockets high? :shame:


Well-known member
Oct 27, 2017
So far so good.

Dry sockets? Well, I’m not sure what you chances are, but I know they’re not usually nearly as bad as they’re made out to be. If it happens you can definitely handle it.

I found irrigating the holes very helpful.

Good luck. You’ll do fine.


Well-known member
Jul 1, 2018
Keep an eye on the blood clot. The lower jaw is the most likely for dry socket. Usually 3 days after is when you would start to feel it. I had dry socket on both lower extraction sites when I had mine out at age 18. It hurts worse at night when you lay down, and it throbs. You will be able to tell if the blood clot falls out. If it does, be proactive about calling your dentist because they can pack it and it will feel better immediately. If you are really worried, call and just ask them to take a peek at it, to make sure it is healing properly.