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I like a little pain a fantasize about pulling my teeth out sometimes.



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Sep 14, 2018
I am 25, I have a wierd on again off again obsession with my teeth and gums since I was about 6 years old and it has progressively gotten worse everytime I have a flair up of this obsession. My dentists in the past have said my teeth are really healthy and I've taken good care of them and can never find something wrong, so I dont know how much of it is mental/sensory, or if it's something psychologically off with me. Perhaps I do have something wrong with my gums. But I like a little pain. I will some times shove tooth picks in between my teeth or use the points to press, not stab, on my gums which is slightly uncomfortable or painful sometimes. Theres alot of times where I just use my fingernails and try to shove them between my teeth or will push at my gums with that. In a few cases I've even caused my gums to bleed, but I enjoy doing it so much that I have to physically stop myself from doing it. I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was around 16 and I get ghost pains in the empty space of my gums where they used to be and it feels good to massage that area. Like a good pain. I also like to rub my teeth and gums with my finger and press on my teeth because I feel like a couple of my teeth are loose and I like to wiggle them because it feels good but then I get scared I'm gunna wiggle it so loose they will fall out. I've told one of my dentists in the past and they told me that my teeth are not loose but not to push on them cuz I'm gunna make them loose, so I dont normally do it often. I also have a few teeth that don't sit how they should and when I get in the mood to push and pull on my teeth and gums i find myself thinking about what it might be like if i dug my teeth out. Or wondering how bad the gap will really be if I just pulled said annoying snaggle tooth out. Sometimes I'll try to see if I can fit a fingernail under my tooth, and then immediately regret trying because I'm worried I'm gunna damage my smile. Lately when flossing I find myself really digging in with the floss and again in the moment it feels pleasant but I'm worried I'm going to destroy my gums. I also like to brush my teeth so clean that my finger squeaks on them and can literally spend hours making that annoying nose. Looking for a friend or suggestion on who to see for this. a psychologist? a dentist? How much touching is to much touching when it comes to your mouth? Thanks in advance!

**** update. I wanted to add that though this has happened for years, this phase only lasts a few days to maybe a couple of weeks once or maybe twice at most a year. And sometimes maybe only once every other year. And it's mostly the period of gun pain/uncomfortableness that makes me able to think back to other times it's happened in the past. The severity of how I mess with my teeth has worsened like from just rubbing my teeth squeaky clean to now feeling like sometimes my gums would feel better if I pulled my teeth out . And the pain I feel in my guns is what I think would be similar to what teething must feel like, and applying pressure to my guns would be like kids chewing on stuff for relief.
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Sep 18, 2017
Dear Sierrabeara,

your post is one of the rather unusual ones here on the forum, but I would like to give you my view of things anyway.

In general any thoughts or urges that make you want to or actually make you hurt yourself in any way are not healthy. What you describe sounds like thoughts and actions that are keeping you busy too much and it also sounds like you do not have much control over them, so as you suggest, it might be a good idea to get someone who could take a look at this with you. You also mentioned that your situation has progressively gotten worse which is the case with the most issues like this if untreated, be it anxiety, obsessive thoughts or any other conditions.

It might be a good idea to look for a psychologist you feel you might like and let him/her assess what is going on and what might help. Depending on where you live and how your system works, you could just google and look for a therapist or find a counseling centre that could give you and advice in terms of where to look.

All the best wishes
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