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I need a little help here...



Junior member
Jan 15, 2010
I grew up with a total dental paranoia. I often tried to get over it, but as a result, often got hurted by ''evil'' dentist as I call them. It's been 10 years now since I haven't seen one, as the last time I went for a cavity, I wish I would have never went. As time passed, I developped many allergies... PPD (anaphylaxis) plus sulfite, sulfate and so on. My allergo. told me to also avoid all benzocaine, novocaine & family as the anaphylactic shock I had caused cross reaction. Dental anesthetics are benzocaine or its family. Dental anesthetics contain sulfites.

You get the point? I'm already paranoid about dentist, now for the last 5 years, dentist = possible death. One of my tooth broke lately, and since I hardly sleep, I'm most of the time on advil... My bf cannot understand my illogical fear and wants to take me an appointment.

Is there anything else the dentist may use or should I await until it gets out of control and go to the hospital... where I would feel a bit more safe?
doesn't your boyfriend understand how totally unpleasant anaphylaxis is? Never mind the risk of dying, the experience is one that anyone would want to avoid.

I've had three so understand how you'd not want to risk going through that again. Youre lucky in many ways because you know exactly what youre allergic to so you can avoid it.

You could try going to a dentist who specialises in hypnotherapy.
Thanks for your support, yes, once you know how it is, you def. don't wanna live it again, took a while to get a list of what to avoid, though. However, I'm not sure about hypnotherapy... I still fear pain, you know!!