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I need advise please.



Jun 21, 2010
Im very anxious about the dentist, mainly about feeling trapped.
The nhs dentist i had asked ms to leave as i was to nervous for him to handle. So i went private.
But when i went to see this private dentist the first thing he asked me before i even got into the chair was if i sucked my thumb when i was a child ( i have bucked teeth) then when he was examining my teeth i have what i call a silver tooth where i lost a cap, he turned round and said " i have no idea what that is... " i was not sure if he was on about that or my diy filling.
Anyway i decided it must be me so i booked for a small, no needle required filing to start me off but when i got there i had a cough.
He literally just put a piece of cotton wool in my mouth asked me if i was going to cough
again as it would mean him starting again.
He as really made me feel embarrassed and more anxious. Do i look for another dentist or is it me beingbover sensitive? Please help.
Yes! Find a new one. There is a dentist out there way more deserving of your money. A good relationship with them is vital, honestly. I’ve found a good one and I can’t imagine having anyone else now.
Definitely find a new one. There are some really understanding dentists out there. Definitely better to be treated by one of those.
Thank you so much. I have left that dentist.