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I need extractions and I'm scared



Junior member
Mar 9, 2007
O.K., first of all I can't believe that I just happened upon this site. It could not have apperared at a better time! I am 47 years old and I just recently mustered up enough courage to see and orthodontist and pursue having braces put on. This is something that I have wanted to do for many years and finally feel I can afford to do so and am willing to bear the humiliation for the end result. When I went to the ortho. for my consult the last thing I expected was to be told that I would need extractions! Anyway. I guess that this is not uncommon, I just wasn't expecting to hear this.
I have never had to have a tooth pulled. I have never even had a cavity. I am close to panic about this. I had a consutlation with an oral surgeon (who I do trust) and he gave me the option of local anethesia or sedation. I am kind of a control freak and I am more frightened of being sedated that I am of the pain of the extractions.
(I need to have one upper wisdom tooth and 4 bicuspids extracted). I am very afraid of having my mouth numbed. I am afaid I am going to feel like I am going to choke or that I can't swallow or breath. He wrote me a prescription for Valium to take the night before and one hour before the proceedure. I guess I just need a pep talk. Is it reasonable for me to have these extraction with just a local or am I setting myself up for problems. How long does it generally take to do extractions like this? How will it feel to have so much of my mouth numbed? :hidesbehindsofa: I know I probably sound like I am a mess. I really am not,this is just something that for some reason really frightens me. I don't want fear to hold me back from achieving my goal of having my teeth straightened.


Well-known member
Aug 8, 2006
Hi and  :welcome:!!

I haven't had any extractions recently but I can tell you that the ones I had in the past were not too bad.  I don't remember any pain, it's a feeling of pressure, like they are pushing down on your jaw.  As a kid I had a few baby teeth taken out with local only and as an adult I had two teeth taken out with nitrous.  Because of my fear I chose to go that route and can tell you that it was a very positive experience.  The nitrous relaxed me enough to not mind that they were pulling my teeth and once again, it was just a bit of pressure and it was over.  One took longer than the other because the dentist didn't listen to me about having extra roots and decided to extract it himself rather than send me to the oral surgeon.  (He apologized afterwards because it was an ordeal to get it out)  The oral surgeon made it quick and simple, they are so used to extracting teeth that their experience shows.  

The numbing is just annoying in my mind.  I've never liked the feeling but it's bearable.  I'm sure that you will be just fine!  By the way, congratulations on never having a cavity - I could only be so lucky!!  :D

Best of luck on achieving your new straight smile!!


Dec 15, 2006
Hi there bgeorge

Extractions was what scared me the most aswell, infact...everything to do with dentistry work scared me but I have to say this site really did help me alot through my situations, I've had about 5 or 6 fillings, one root canal and an extraction. The extraction was last.. (talk about saving the best for last eh :p). Anyway I can tell you that local anasthetic is fine with extractions, although I've not had a wisdom tooth out I'm sure it wouldn't be any different? As takingflight said its more of a pressure you'd actually think they were pushing the tooth into your mouth but it is pain free I wouldn't lie to you, to be honest a deep filling was the worst part of my dental journey but that is another story (incase you wish to read it, its on the success storys board :)) I know what you mean by feeling weird with your mouth being numb, it annoyed me at first because my appointments were always early in the morning, never got a chance to eat until about 2 or 3pm :p Extractions don't take long at all. The extraction itself (well for me..) it only took 2 minutes and it was done. Again i'm not sure about wisdom tooth extraction as ive never had it done. When your mouth is numb it just feels rather puffy, as if your lips are massive and its not affected my swallowing or breathing what-so-ever. In my honest opinion I would stick with the local anasthetic because its not as wrisky as g.a (I know there is alot of people who have had it and said its fine but our bodies are all different) But there is nothing to worry about, it took me a year to get all the work done in my teeth, now I have braces! Its 110% worth it I assure you, I can already start to see/feel the difference and I've only had them in a month and a half. Anyway good luck and be sure to post back with your success story :cheers:


Junior member
Mar 12, 2007
Hello, there. I am a 40 yr. old woman and first let me say that
I can relate to a lot of what you have expressed re: extractions.
First of all I had an extraction in 11-06. Bottom molar.
Had IV sedation. This is how it went: I was hooked up to IV and I was talking to my husband. I said to the oral surgeon
(get this) "Please don't do anything yet, I am fully aware."
As is my usual humor during moments when I am completely
terrified. The surgeon said, Mary, those are gonna be your last words.." The next thing I recall is seeing my husband.
I had no recollection whatsoever. I recommend IV sedation.
Best thing ever. I also like to be in control. I am very dental
phobic. And I am a very strong person but going to the DDS or having any kind of surgery is terrifying. You can do it!
You have taken the first steps to taking care of your mouth and you are very brave. I have a long history of procedures and surgery and to me it is the whole issue of turning myself so to speak over to basically a total stranger. The extraction
healed so fast I could not believe it. IV sedation knocks you out you feel no pain, no pulling, no pressure. It is over so fast you can't get over it. You are not alone. I figure if more than half the population fears the DDS, there are good reasons.
I have learned in life that things are not as bad as your mind
sometimes makes them out to be. I hope I have helped you.


Junior member
Mar 13, 2007
I had an extraction a few weeks ago, it was a difficult extraction as I had hooked roots, but I can honestly say, apart from a bit of pressure, I felt absolutely nothing, infact, Im sure my dentist had a worse time than me, 35 mins of sweat to achieve his goal, while I lay twiddling my thumbs and pretending I was on a beach. Quite amusing with heinsight! Try not to be frightened, take your mind off somewhere else while you are in the chair, it works for me, give it a go! Goodluck.