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Dec 8, 2013
Dear Dentists, Oral Surgeons and Implants Specialists.

I had three failed root canals extracted this year.

One in June...the other two just a few weeks ago.
My first extraction they used synthetic bone graft, the most recent two Poros, something named like that.

I have met with the oral surgeon regarding tooth #18, a few weeks prior to loosing my other two molars.

I was told I have adequate bone, as I had a bone graft done at the time of my extraction. (Syntethic)
This was after CT scan and Cone Beam review.

It is also his belief that #2 and #31 will be able to have implants provided healing goes well. He does not think I will need a sinus lift. He was very clear in stating that he can not give me any sort of real answer on #2 and #31 until those sites heal, and a CT scan and Cone Beam is done for them. They base of where the roots where still hurt after three weeks when pressing on them, I am actually scared there is something wrong.

I was told by the OS that they would use a wider implant to replace #18 as opposed to longer one, so as to keep away from the nerve that runs in the lower jaw.

I would like to know professional recommendations on replacing 2nd molars.
This is my panorama from a few weeks ago.

1) Do implants in this molar region fail more than other implant regions
2) Based on my xray are there any red flags as not to do it.

3) Is there any type of denture for this type of missing tooth?

I have developed severe anxiety and depression now due to all this tooth loss, and it has become so unbearable for me I can barely get out of bed. I was perscribed medication for it, but am just to scared to take it. It may sound trivial compared to what other people are going through, but for me, it has devastated me. This is ruining my life

I just need to know if there is a solution for me to replace these teeth.



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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
Second lower molars can present the following challenges
1. Curvature of the bone that if not recognized the doctor could perforate the bone on the tongue side
2. Limited space between the ridge and the opposing tooth which makes the procedure difficult or impossible on some patients.
3. In general a very high stress area so your dentist's plan to use a wide implant sound wise.