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I need support to go to the dentist

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just a terrified guy

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Jul 14, 2022
Hi, I am new here :dunno:

I've had a fear of dentists for as far back as I can remember and I avoid going to the dentist as much as possible. During my childhood, my mother forced me to go to the dentist but I didn’t let the dentist examine my teeth. I was about 10 years old when I laid on a dental chair for the first time (because a baby tooth failed to fall out on its own). Then, I've had a few cavities filled during my teenage years and young adulthood. My permanent teeth were crooked but I refused to wear braces 😕

I haven't been to the dentist In a while and I am nervous to go back. A few of my teeth are sensitive (only sometimes) and my upper wisdom teeth are often painful. I don’t see cavities but I am afraid I have cavities (on upper teeth that I cannot see, between 2 lower teeth and under an old filling) 😢🥶 Of course, I need a cleaning too...
Hi @just a terrified guy

It sounds as if you're playing with the idea of making contact with a dentist (I suppose otherwise you wouldn't be posting here :)). Have you had any recommendations for a phobic-friendly dentist, or have you been researching ones in your area that are particularly good with nervous patients?

Sensitive teeth are very common, and we have a page here with tips for reducing sensitivity:

Anyway, a big :welcome: to you!
Yes, I plan to book a dentist appointment and I am looking for reviews on Google.
Hi there, I completely understand and your concerns are valid. The first step is to at least get into the chair at the dentist. Also maybe talk to your dentist about your phobia knowing that the dentist knows how your feeling and is capable of making you comfortable and calm is one of the best feelings. Knowing your in good hands is one of the main reasons people like you and I with phobias can be a little more comfortable than we were before. Possibly one of the dental assistants can even hold your hand during the process. I’ve had my hand held so many times and I assure you it may sound funny but it helps and it helps more when people care. If possible bring a trust friend or family member to ease your mind. At the end of the day we have to remember that our teeth cause a lot of pain and if our phobias don’t get us into that dental chair the pain will send us on a first class trip there lol. I’m rooting for you and I know you can do this . You are strong , you will get through this and remember you can actually do anything. You got this ,we got this. No matter what remember that you will be safe and it doesn’t hurt after numbing and the numbing isn’t too bad either just a little pinch and all the pain is gone for good. You got it!
@just a terrified guy I really feel your pain! It's really tough dealing with fear of dentists while psyching yourself up to go to to a dentist and get treatment. It is courageous that you are facing your fear.

I was too afraid to see a dentist at all for many years, from my late teens to my early 30s, and then the result of that was being forced into an emergency visit with a very intimidating and angry dentist. What finally worked for me was finding a dentist whose website said she welcomed people who hadn't been to a dentist in a long time, and choosing a female dentist with a smaller, quieter, office. You might want to think what type of dentist or office would make you most comfortable too.