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i need three filings done and super nervous !



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Jun 13, 2022
I need three fillings done , I have two done three years ago but, was not in it with how they gave me the shot , any advice on what to do would be much appreciated 😉
Hi @Mckenziesavey and welcome!

Reading your post, I wasn't sure what exactly your question/concern is... is it the injections you're worried about?
@letsconnect yes , last time I got them done the dentist office was harsh when they gave it
That doesn't sound nice at all :(. Are you going back to the same dentist as last time? And does your current dentist know that you found it painful the last time and how worried you are?

@Gordon has given some very good advice here (in response to question number 3 about how to tell your dentist to be gentle when giving the anaesthetic):

@letsconnect I go to different dentist now and no they don't know this is only my second appointment with them
In that case, it would be a really good idea to let them know!

If you find it too hard to raise the subject in person, you can find a form here that you can print out, fill in and take with you (and give to your new dentist):

Hopefully, your new dentist is much more concerned about your comfort 🤗
Thank you:) is it possible to get them done without it ?
Anything is possible... the problem is that it could be quite painful and traumatic, which is why local anaesthetic is used in the first place :). Honestly, any discomfort from administering the local should be minimal with a good injection technique.

If the filling is so shallow that no discomfort is expected, the decay may be at a very early stage. In that case, it might still be possible to remineralise it by adapting your diet and taking extra care when cleaning your teeth. So it may be worth asking your dentist about this if they say no numbing is needed.
@letsconnect I don't think there really small one . I have had them for 3 years now . I just was to nervous for it to get them taken care of and now there starting to cause some pain . I would rather go through anything else then rather getting an injection .
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It sounds like your bad past experience has put you off injections altogether, when the problem was probably just that particular dentist not being good at giving them. Really sorry about your awful experience - that shouldn't have happened to you :(.

Is there any way you could discuss your fears regarding injections with your new dentist? Ask your dentist how they make sure the injections are comfortable. If they don't know, or say it’s not possible, it's time to find another dentist who does.

Actually, we've got a whole page on this topic here on the website, if you're interested (it's quite detailed):

@letsconnect thank you I be sure to check that page out. I have tried two different ones already because they didn't know what they were doing . So I will se how this goes in few weeks since they told me that I need them done all I worry about it has started to cause an issue of worrying so much that I can't focus on anything .
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I took some advice and talked to them about the my fear and he that it would make it really easy but, I couldn't do it without being numb because them a little to far . It makes feel a little better ,hopefully it goes well in two weeks, fingers crossed
Yes, fingers crossed :thumbsup:! Hopefully your experience this time round will be much, much better than what went before!
Hey, made it through with the appointment I got done a couple of hours ago but wasn't feeling super well afterwards . But over all it went okay . I went back and the assistant went to go get the dentist to do the numbing ... They use the gel left it on for a few minutes and then did three shots . One in the back and two in the front ( those two hurt the worst ) . I was thinking I was done with the shots so I calmed my nerves down . Five to 10 mins later he came back and asked if I was numb , yes I was ... Surprise he came back with four more shots. I could feel it but it didn't hurt like the frist set did . Then he started to do the drilling and fillings . We got to the last one and that was probably the worst one out of all three . The assistant kept pulling the side of my mouth harder and harder . I think I'm going to end up going back becuse he didn't fill in one the front tooth all they way like it super rough on the back and has bumps. My mouth is still pretty score from the shots .
Well done @Mckenziesavey!!! I hope you're feeling better today. If a filling is rough, it's usually an easy job for the dentist to make it smooth, and it doesn't require numbing.
@letsconnect , thank you, it feel a little better . It just sollown where he gave them . Which there alot of concerning how many he gave me .

Okay , I am going give to give a few to see if it goes away if not then I will talk to them . My family leave for vacation next week so if it doesn't feel any better then when we get I'll give them a call . Thank you for all the help 😊