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I need to face the dreaded dentist....help please.



Junior member
Sep 29, 2020
Good afternoon all. I hope you are all safe and well. I could do with some assistance regarding my extreme phobia that surrounds all things dentistry. Previously I have avoided all dentistry work for over 20 years resulting in me being referred to hospital and having 10 teeth extracted in one go under general anaesthetic. I am phobic of hospitals as well though so that isn't a great option either.
I have tried breathing techniques to keep calm, hypnotherapy and sedation. I have been given courses of anxiety relieving drugs prior to appointments as I suffer extreme attacks and nightmares regarding dentistry work prior to even an appointment for an examination. Just about anything to do with dentistry triggers me especially the injections. I struggle to even walk past the front of a dentists on the street.
I have to have another tooth extracted as its getting really painful and started to be a distraction during my working day and at night when trying to sleep. I don't want to be referred for a general and have to wait another year with toothache to get my tooth extracted. I am however concerned for my own safety, the dentist and their staff. Previously when have decided its time for me to exit the building during a procedure there is little to nothing that will stop me.
I am in the UK. Does anyone have any advice for people like me or can suggest a practice that specialises in helping people like me?
You need to see a dentist who is a specialist in Special Care Dentistry, your local GP should be able to refer you or you could contact your NHS Trust to find out where the nearest one is.