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I need to help my mum



Junior member
Oct 13, 2021
My mum has an extreme fear of the dentist, of medication, allergic reactions etc. Her teeth are in quite a bad state as a result of not seeing a dentist since she was a child (she’s 54) she has said recently she wants to finally do it but only if there is a dentist she can find that is extremely sympathetic and understanding of dental phobias, but.. no where is accepting NHS patients and I don’t know what to do because she needs help urgently and unfortunately going private isn’t an option. To add to all this she now has a white hanging growth from her gum on the top row, I just don’t know what I’m suppose to do to help if I can’t find a dentist that is accepting NHS patients that is good with dental phobias.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Welcome @Bumblebee1995 ?,

That's really nice of you to want to help your mum, she must be very proud to have such a wonderful daughter!

We do have some recommendations for private dentists in and around London, but if this is not an option financially, the Community Dental Service may be able to help. This is an NHS service targeted at people who cannot attend a "normal" NHS dentist, whether due to disabilities, health issues, or other conditions such as dental phobia or mental health issues. Unlike general NHS dentists, dentists who work for the Community Dental Service are paid a fixed salary, which means that they are not under the same time constraints. They also have been trained to help people with additional needs and all sorts of medical conditions.

Your mum would need a referral from a GP or another healthcare professional.

You can find some more information here:

Do you have a regular dentist yourself whom you could ask about the referral process in your area?