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I officially HATE Wisdom Teeth...



Junior member
Jul 9, 2016
It all started this morning. I was trying to enjoy a plate of noodles, when I felt pretty good soreness on my lower right side molar, the one where I have an Impacted Wisdom Tooth. Pretty much killed my appetite and mood, and slowly got worse while I was at work.

'Right!', I thought. 'Time to see about getting this thing out!'

I went to my regular endospecialist (is that the right term?), to see if I could have it out as soon as possible. Sadly, he gave me some bad news. The Impacted Wisdom tooth is so snug against my molar, that he's not sure they'd be able to get it out without messing up that molar as well.

Even worse, the IWT is still deep within my gums, so trying to get rid of all of it could result in the nerve getting messed up, and part of my lower right lip getting numbed, possibly permanently.

Normally, I'd just get both the molar and the piece of IWT that can be safely removed yanked out, but said molar is the last big one I have left. Not to mention that having my other molar removed about a month ago has been putting extra pressure on the tooth that was next to it, to the point that it feels fragile at times. And that's after they adjusted the bite as much as they could without me being numb. I'm afraid of the same happening again on my other side.

Sigh...the only good news is that since it only just started happening today, the specialist thinks that some Antibiotics will do the trick. He gave me a prescription, and told me to see him again in a week (or sooner if it gets worse). I just hope it works...

In the meantime, I'll start saving up money to get an implant to replace one of my molars. Wish me luck! ?
Hi I hope the antibiotics work and I wish you GOOD LUCK :clover::clover::clover::clover::clover::thumbsup::butterfly:
You know that tooth that I mentioned feels fragile sometimes?

It's starting to feel sensitive to cold now.

Now I need to get an X-ray when I see the dentist on Thrusday.

This is just NOT my year... ?