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I really need advice


Helen woollard

Junior member
Jun 5, 2016
West yorkshire uk
Bit of a long one but here goes! 17 days ago i had what i thought was routine teeth extraction under sedation. Because i have a massive fear of dentists.
When u came round i found out i had an impacted wisdom tooth taken out as wel as 4 others ibe of which had a hooked root and came round to feeling them scraping my jaw bone.
I developed dry socket in 3 of the upper teeth including to hooked root one. (These 3 next to each other) its this same tooth thats still causing problems.
Im still taking painkillers 2-3tines a day as the middle of the 3 teeth and the hooked root one yas what feels like a new tooth growing.
Ive had a bone/tooth bit come out of my wisdom tooth site and its feeling a lot more tban that. Its not moved in a week and my gums are stil to sore to eat in.
Im too frightened to go back to the dentidt yet agsin in case it means another operation ive had enough.
Can anyone offer me advice please


Well-known member
Jan 15, 2013
I'm sorry you are frightened but you really need to go back to your dentist and have him check it out. You could have more tiny bone chips trying to come to the surface of your gums. You are probably going to be sore for awhile since you just had 4 difficult teeth removed. I hope you feel better soon.