I saw a dentist & endodonstist in one day!!



Sep 5, 2007
I just wanted to let you guys know how my day went. I went to see my dentist today to do the deep cleaning. I did have a Valium but I didn't have any anesthesia. They use the little took to pick out mineral deposits on my teeth and polished them. It felt a little weird becase she would take the pick and scrape deposits off my teeth. On the other hand, there was no real pain involved :D . The hygienist was very nice and I left with a bunch of goodies!

Right after that, I went straight to the endodonstist to do a re-root canal. I was really nervous about this one. They offered me IV sedation, but I braved it out and told them no IV sedation :D . They put a guard on my mouth so the only tooth shown was the one they needed to work on. They used a Q-tip and numbed a little area inside my mouth and gave me two shots of Novocaine. It felt like s pinch which wasn't bad at all. In about 15 mins, my whole right side was numb. They went in and did their work which took about 45 mins. I didn't feel anything. Actually, I have more pain now since the Novocaine wore off. The tooth is pretty sore right now, but he says it is normal and it will take a few days for the pain to settle.

The only problem I have right now is eating. My right side I just had the re-root canal and my left side I have fillings last week (which are still sensitive).

He gave me 800 mg motrin and antibiotics which are suppose to help.

Over all, It was nothing to cry about. I just wish the pain right now would subside!
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Mar 26, 2006
Well done smy12 on getting throug your root cannal and the cleaning, - seeing the dentist twice in one day! I hope the sensitivity you are experiencing goes soon. Keep in touch.


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Jan 17, 2009
Great going! Pain from root canals is normal and may last for two weeks. It may even feel worse than a toothache but this normal. Best of luc!