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I survived my oral surgery today!



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Mar 1, 2007
I was scared. I had the crazyest dreams but it was no sweat. I had IV sedation and I will tell you what I can remember. You are consious but in a deep relaxation. Kinda a twilight sleep. The first ting they did was give me nitrous oxide. That part I did not like for the first few minutes you feel yourself going under slowley and you and feel your body relax and go limp yet your aware of everything that goes on around you. They then stuck the IV in but I di dnot feel it for the nitrous oxide had me on another planet. lol. I remember seeing my doctor looking down on me then all the sudden it was over and I barely recalect them taking my tooth out to begin with. To be honest I felt like a million bucks. It feels like your on a major "high" The whole world could be coming to and end and you would not have a care in the world. It is now
3 hours later and I still feel like I am floating in lala land. It was not a bad experience at all. I joked than i need to do this more often. Iv sedation is the way to go. My insurance only pays 55% odf it but its well worth it. The sedation before insurance was 350$ after maybe 140$ out of pocket or so. I feel more confident now in going to a regular dentist and getting my other issues taken care of. Sorry if i am typing crazy. I am still doped up! lol
CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!! :XXLhug:Isnt it such a feeling of accomplishment! ;)