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I survived!



Junior member
Jul 23, 2016
I wanted to post here because reading these success stories really helped to ease my mind. So that would be my first bit of advice, read all of them and hopefully it will ease your mind a bit too.

Second thing is, if you have to do this, do not put it off! Make the appointment and make it for as soon as you possibly can because: The waiting and the worrying is so much worse then actually going through it!

The procedure AND the recovery was NOTHING compared to what I went through while worrying about it.

And I had one of the worst possible situations, I'm 47 and I had a fully impacted wisdom tooth that was embedded sideways in my jawbone, plus it was surrounded by what they said was either a tumor or a cyst, and the whole thing was infected.

Also I suck on the side of my cheek while I sleep so forcefully that I have a permanent lump inside my mouth from the pressure, and the lump is right next to the tooth that they wanted to take out so I thought for sure I would get dry socket.

My situation required surgery at the hospital under general anesthesia (not a simple procedure to be done at the dentist office).

On the night before I didn't sleep at all, and I had been crying off and on that whole week from the stress of being so afraid.

But on the day, I just checked in at the hospital, I went through the whole process of getting into a hospital gown and answering dozens of questions over and over again, then they had me lay down, and the anesthesiologist said to think of a happy place so I thought about hugging my grandson...and that was it! After that I was all done.

The next thing I knew I was sitting in a chair having a popsicle! There was no gauze in my mouth at all, I wasn't bleeding and I never needed any gauze at home. And there was no pain at all.

I took some of the pain medication that they gave me that night as a preventative even though I wasn't in any pain and I continued to do that for about one week. In the following days it was achy from time to time and a little sore but really nothing to complain about. And I never got dry socket even with the cheek sucking!

I had my follow up appointment two days ago and the surgeon said it was just an inflamed cyst (not a tumor) and that it wouldn't come back, I'm healing nicely and that I could get on with my life as normal!

If I had to choose between going through the surgery again or going through worrying about it, I would choose to have the surgery again because it's honestly super easy and actually a nice excuse to sit around and do nothing but watch Netflix and eat pudding for a few days!