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I survived!



Junior member
May 19, 2017
I had a crown fall off about a year ago that I used temporary cement to place back on. It fell off again and I faced the fear of going back to the dentist after 3 years. Convinced I was going to have to have deep cleaning, multiple cavities or worse. I got the crown put back on and the inevitable question of, "hmm its been a while, do you want to make a cleaning/xray/exam appointment?". I knew it was coming but I also knew I had to face it. I had that appointment this week and I survived. I have found an assistant who really knows how to talk me down from the ledges and he never pushes to go too fast. The dentist did the cleaning and said I had no cavities and that for 3 years, things looked pretty good and to keep up the good work. Now the bad part, apparently I'm starting to get a pocket between 18 and 19 due to two crowns next to each other. She wants to remove 18 so she can make a new crown that fits better. She told me I could think about it but I bucked up and made the appointment for next week. We will see what this next chapter looks like. I'm just here to say it wasn't as bad as what I had worked up in my head. Good luck!
Congrats! You faced it head on and hopefully that only encourages you to continue! Be proud of yourself!🎉🎉