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I think I am being scammed maybe? What is the typical cost of a crown for front tooth



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Mar 1, 2007
I think it is tooth 9. It also has a post (previously, not a new one) I am getting the existing crown replaced. I was told my share was $345 after Cigna's part ( I believe Cigna pays 60%) and they were quite clear it was the total cost. I paid up front. I do know they discussed getting one of my other crowns replaced but I never said I was ready for it.

It is back from the lab and I go in next week to have it installed. When they confirmed appointment they told me I will be charged an additional $375. I am a little upset I am not sure if they were trying to do a second crown without discussing it with me first or if the total cost of the one crown will be $720.

I asked them about it and they could not really explain it or she was avoiding explaining it. I told them they called me for my tooth is back from the lab and my appointment is to have it installed not to get a second crown an all she said is they will put that down. Still did not get a straight answer.

Now I am mad and confused. And decided to walk away before going postal over the phone and just find out directly when I come in for my appointment. I do realize $345 is low for my portion of a crown. I paid more in the past but this year my insurance pays 60%.
Could it be a mix up? For the lab to fabricate a new replacement crown, your dentist would first have to remove the old crown to take an accurate impression. You would probably know if your dentist pries off an old crown off a tooth that you did not want replaced. So I don't think the cost was for another crown. Maybe just wait to find out in person? You have the right to not pay extra. Just bring up the invoice/receipt of the $345 you have paid, it should indicate the total amount of the cost of the crown, less insurance deductibles and balance that you had to pay.
you should receive a paper from your insurance stating what was billed and your cost for treatment.
My crown for my front tooth #8, is estimated to cost between $1200 and $1800, and my insurance covers 50%. I was told up front that they bill me, then turn it in to insurance. If insurance doesn't cover what was estimated, I have to pay the difference. It has only happened once, though, where insurance didn't cover the anount that the dentist charged for the service.