I Think I Sucked Out My Blood Clot D:



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Aug 21, 2014
HELP! I think I sucked out my blood clot on my lower left side. It's currently day 5 of having my wisdom teeth removed. I was eating rice and what I was hoping was one of the grains wriggled itself backwards by my extraction holes. So I did like a sucking motion and something came out and I thought it was a grain of rice. I wasn't able to see if it actually was a grain of rice or not, but I looked at it and compared it with other pictures online. It looks white with a touch of yellow. It's not really hurting though, but I wanted a second opinion. Please help! My mental state depends on it. The anxiety is getting to me! :cry:


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Aug 20, 2014
It could have actually been a partial bit of your blood clot if it makes sense. I only say that because blood clots in your mouth are off white/yellow since they are not exposed to air to oxidize and turn red like scabs do on your skin. And comparing it to rice is tricky seeing the color together. But after three days, you're mostly in the OK-Zone of not developing a dry socket. Or at least that's the consensus I've gathered from numerous forum reads and research. Though I would probably stay clear of grains for a bit longer because they're a nuisance to clean out of the sockets and that's me speaking from experience.

I had my wisdom teeth removed about five weeks ago and my holes still haven't entirely closed so even if I do eat some pasta or rice, they get lodged in the sockets and I have to use the syringe they give you to clean it out all the time and it's tedious, but necessary.

Always make sure to keep your sockets clean with a warm salt water rinse and try not to poke around too much back there. AND NO SUCKING!

If you get a dry socket, you'd know. The pain is unbearable.

Best of luck on your recovery!