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I think my fear has been conquered!!



Jan 11, 2018
I'm so happy I found this site. It has helped me basically overcome my dental fear. About 10 days ago I got a total of 6 teeth pulled (2 being wisdom teeth) I really only felt the 1 wisdom tooth being pulled. Just a heck of a lot of pressure. Bu the time I said 'ouch' it was out. I have 1 more wisdom tooth to get removed but that's really the only 'big' thing left. My extractions went so smoothly & my dentist (& her staff) is awesome! I feel silly not doing this sooner. When you read or hear that you need to find the right dentist, I believe that. My anxiety is basically gone and I feel better knowing that I no longer have to deal with those loose teeth. This site is amazing!! Thank you!!
Well done and congrats, Lexie! :) Lovely to hear that you have an amazing dental team. :jump: