I thought i would never get over my fear!



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Aug 22, 2017
I live in Glasgow and my teeth had fallen into serious disrepair due to an irrational fear of the dentist! I don't know what I was so afraid of but I tried and failed to go to the dentist for many years. After hearing about a dental clinic from a friend I decided to give them a shot! I didn't know such a thing existed like a dental anxiety clinic but their techniques helped immensely and after my third filling I think I have finally overcome my fear! I would really recommend looking for a dentist near you that specially caters for anxious patients as it makes the world of difference!


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Jul 26, 2017
I think I saw them on a youtube video about anxious dental patients they seem REALLY good.. I think it does make a difference. Mine says he specializes in anxious patients too and he really is good.. I can tell he has certain ways of putting me at ease and reading my non verbal cues. like really good at it ..


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Apr 23, 2015
Well done going to the dentist, maybe this will help me get me going for my next appointment in September 17, I have find my dentist I like she is going helping the anxious patients as well as her assistant even though I been to the pratice 33 and seen a number of dentists, does not help with dentist leave for other pratices or go private. but it helps having a good dentist I had my currently one 6 years and no bad remarks about my teeth, I have any problems with my teeth she tries to spot problems when their are small and tells me I am welcome to come in between appointments I am worried.

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