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I Took the Biggest step to helping my mouth and Facing my Fears Today.



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Mar 7, 2018
Hello everyone, I know it's been awhile since I've been around last, but know that I'm never far and hope you all are doing well these days.

I wanted to share some good news with you all but before I do that, I should probably explain that resolution to my worst dental problem did not come overnight. It took me a very painful and hopeless 3 and a half years to get the money together. For that amount of time, I was living with 3 impacted and inflamed wisdom teeth that constantly played pong with each other in regards to pain and evidently killed and infected one of my last of two molars I had remaining. Everyday, my mouth would hurt, or at the very least feel off and a lot of pressure on the upper left side due to the infected wisdom tooth crushing the roots of my infected and dying molar. The pain was originally around a 2 or 3, just barely noticeable but a 24/7 reminder of my bad past trauma, fears, shame, and sense of worthlessness because I could do nothing to change it at the time.. this left me in a constant depressed state and affected everything from what I ate to how I see myself. When I would start to feel that familiar pain, i would get antibiotics and slam a course before it went away for a good while, ranging almost half a year to 2 or 3 months at a time.

I should've seen I was running out of time, as the intervals of false peace were slowly getting shorter and the infection taking longer to leave after last year. Instead, I chose to ignore the warnings and continued being negligent and self medicate with my usual regimen. However, Even with renewed goals after my last major dental work and more consistent cleaning of my teeth thanks to the support of my fiancé, my teeth continued to deteriorate and eventually it got to be too painful to brush that area which inevitably ended up with the biggest and worst infection I've had in over 6 years.

This caused severe pain that was not responsive to pain killers and my dentists prescribed 2 courses of amoxicillin and 1 of clindamycin and none of it removed the infection enough to get into surgery. Finally, I got desperate and begged my dentist 1 last time for 1 more refill antibiotic course to try again. For awhile, there was no change, only worsening pain and swelling and a very resistant infection that eventually forced me to the ER. They did nothing and I ended up wasting 5 hours there only for them to tell me to use motrin and rinse my mouth. I left shortly afterward and contacted my dentist to explain what happened. She didn't listen and dismissed my situation further which led to me taking things into my own hands. Since neither her nor my surgeon's office would help in any way other than moving the appointment closer, I was fed up and not gonna wait for things to get dangerous.

I got online, did a ton of research into holistic health practices and found a number of products to try and help with the infection naturally. Being desperate as I was, I attempted to find online antibiotics and other medicine to get me through to my surgery just 7 or so days away. I found no way of acquiring those legally or without a prescription so I took to Amazon and browsed every toothache and infection remedy I could find.

Finally, I found two products: Dr Christopher's X-INFX and a decent oil pulling detox called "Super Comfort Rescue Mouth Detox with plenty of good reviews, almost all reporting of the massive success of Killing infections and severe toothaches. Skeptical, I decided to try them when they arrived and the difference wasn't immediate but i kept taking them along with the remainder of my last course of amoxicillin and began to feel improvement. In fact, so much improvement in the last past 3 days before today, that I had not only no pain, but no pressure or aching from the crushed molar either! That stuff I got was amazing and truly helped me to get the infection down for the surgery.

Fast forward to today. Surgery day.. After all the waiting, I was finally getting my work done. As nervous as I was due to my severe anxiety, and even with a somewhat major miscommunication regarding which teeth I was having removed, I preservered and was out of surgery fairly quick due to iv sedation. Always makes the process less stressful and wish I could do it whenever I needed dental work. I had all 3 wisdom teeth removed, and the 1 badly broken molar and it was the most work I've ever had done in 1 sitting. I had finally did it and actually truly faced my fears that have been controlling me for YEARS and kept me from living a normal life. I am so happy despite the fact I've just had a surgery. It's now almost day 2 and I'm feeling okay outside of the jaw stiffness and irritation from the sutures and very slight swelling. I've only been taking 800 Mg of ibuprofen so far but have the other narcotic painkillers in case things get really rough again.

My fear might not be gone in its entirety but I was brave and challenged myself to go forward for the sake of my future, and I now know that I can truly beat my past trauma and low sense of worth. For the first time in a long time, I feel strong, alive, and excited about my dental future visits and work.

P.S. Enclosed is the xray from before the operation. I'll spare you the gross closeups of my post-op pictures. Lastly, I hope by sharing my story, that I help anyone who's struggling and wish you all the best!
Warm regards,
Mageris 20210817_151203.jpg20210817_151203.jpg
Congratulations @Mageris ? - and thank you so much for sharing your story. How are feeling today? A lot of people say that the pain after impacted wisdom tooth removal is worst on day 4, so hopefully, you're just about coming out the other side now?
Days 3 through 6 were the worst. I'm surviving it and i think the worst is finally over. Everything looks to be healing well. Friday was literally hell though. I had to get the bottom site forcibly flushed and it was the worst pain I've ever had but worth it since it's finally healing right.
Sorry to hear about day 3 to 6, but great news that things are looking up now! Wishing you a speedy recovery ?