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I want to get my wisdom teeth removed but I'm scared of the procedure



Junior member
Aug 3, 2021
I have fairly decent teeth but 1 out of my 2 wisdom teeth causes me trouble. My mouth is crowded, so the wisdoms are right at the back of my mouth, where I struggle to brush them. The gum around the tooth swells up.

I have to brush extremely gently, otherwise the tooth bleeds. This is the tooth on the right side; the left tooth hasn't caused any issues. It is just a little stump poking out of the gum, barely even a fully formed tooth. Sometimes the buccal region of my mouth catches on the tooth stump and that HURTS. I usually end up with a ulcer (canker sore) on the inside of my mouth.

I frequently suffer with sinus infections and I wonder if this might be linked to my wisdom tooth. All my other teeth are fine and haven't caused me any issues.

I wish it was gone but the idea of having a tooth extracted terrifies me. Even being knocked out for the procedure is scary, because I'm paranoid they might accidentally damage my other teeth or something.
Hi weez1990,

sounds like your wisdom teeth are giving you enough trouble to have a reason to have them removed and I'm not surprised you're not keen to do it. Have you had a consult with a dentist already? Sometimes having accurate information about how a procedure is done can ease a lot of anxiety.
You mentioned knocking out being scary - would it be easier to do it while conscious, but with some medication that puts you at ease?

All the best wishes