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I want to help my husband



Jan 27, 2017
I am trying to overcome my own dental phobia. I didn't go to the dentist for years. I spent about two years tskinfy painkillers and putting up with the pain. Well beginning of tnkd year I went had a check up and went back had my first filling. My dentist was nice. My husband came with me for support.

My husband is 36. He smokes. His teeth are black And full of holes. He is self conscious about them. He has not been to a dentist in years. There have been times when he has not taken care of his teeth due to mental health problems and being homeless. He is afraid of the dentist. He does not like putting things in his mouth a tooth brush event food, it's because he was sexually assaulted, he eats like every 3 days. Is there anything I can do to help him


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
Ah, that's sad to hear. It sounds like your husband has had a really tough time of it. It's not uncommon for people who have had really hard and traumatic lives to struggle with healthcare and especially dental care.

Is therapy/counselling for his dental fear (and overall oral fear) an option? Also if you can get to the doctor and ask to be referred to a special care dentistry unit, they may be able to work with him and his fear. His case won't be unique. There are sedation options for the actual treatment, as you know.