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I was in denial... now need HELP



Junior member
Dec 23, 2009
Hello all,

I am new to this forum and I am glad I found you guys!

Here's my story... hope you can help.

Some months ago (August - October) I had some jaw/tooth pain. I thought it was because my new wisdom teeth were coming through the top and bottom. And that they were pushing my already overcrowded teeth.
I took quite a lot of ibuprofen when I was in pain. The pain was not consistent, only reoccurring once every 2 weeks, and the pain would last 3-4 days. I also switched to sensitive toothpaste which helped a little bit. I would complain to friends and work colleagues who all said that it might be tooth decay, but I didn't listen!

The pain then stopped mid-October and I thought I was okay. :rolleyes:

I don't have a history of fillings or anything like that! And I've never had to get any?
The last time I went to the dentist was probably 2004, so that's almost 6 years of no professional help or cleaning. I've even moved house since then and I am not registered to any local dentist. :o

I admit I've been practising poor hygiene in the last 2 years because I do not floss my teeth and often only brush my teeth in the morning because I am so exhausted when I get home from work. My teeth have always appeared healthy. :shame:

But here's the fun bit... Today, celebrating my last day of work for 2009 I decided to nibble on some "Tic Tacs" which are tiny pill-sized hard mints at 4pm. For some reason I was concentrating too hard or something, I decided to crunch 3 of them... I felt like something cracked and felt a little bit of pain that lasted 1 second on my right upper 3rd molar. Thinking it was because the mint cracked and that I bit too hard, I carried on with the last hours of work.

Then it was home time 5:30pm, and so I was at the train station waiting for my train. I bought some chicken bites to eat because I was feeling a bit hungry. Ate some, felt normal. When I finished, naturally I felt around my mouth for bits of food with my tongue... And then I felt the hole.
I decided to touch it with my finger... and 2 tiny pieces of enamel came out.

I was in complete shock, I probably sat there for a good 5 minutes thinking Oh My Bloody God.

I felt very nervous on the train and kept feeling the hole in my molar for the full duration of my journey.

When I got home at 7pm I immediately checked online for some guidance. Rang the NHS helpline and they gave me a number for a Dental Access Centre which welcomes new patients. I rang the number several times and no one picked up. Typical!

I forgot to mention it was snowing this evening... so I can imagine they let the staff out home early so that they'd get home before the snow gets worse. I was doing 15mph whilst crawling home from the train station by car.

It's also 23rd December and the staff would likely have Christmas Eve off? I don't know!

I do not know what to do. I've looked at the hole in the mirror and it appeared a little bit black in one side and the rest is white. It also looks like I have a cavity on the left upper 3rd molar? Looks like I've got a few grey specks on it?
I've gargled some mouthwash and was then forced to eat dinner.

It's now 9:30pm... and I've totally forgotten my Christmas cheer and I am so very paranoid right now. Sitting here with my holy molar.

What can I do until I can see a dentist? It's unlikely that I can see one until next Monday... or even 4th January when business resumes to normal. How am I suppose to eat Christmas dinner without being over-cautious with my food? I've had to chew my dinner on the left side only.

And what would the dentist do? I remember watching the dentist drill my mother's teeth when I was younger and that sound haunts me. Because I've got a hole in my tooth would he just fill it up or pull it out altogether?

I am so scared right now, I don't even want to think about it. Earlier today I was very merry and so looking forward to Christmas and the New Year. Now... I'm full of worry and do not know what else to think. I was meant to be seeing my boyfriend for New Year's eve... and now I am not even sure if I am allowed to kiss him, because cavities can be transferred right?

Please Help!


Welcome to the forum. :welcome:

The pieces that came out could be tartar which is a hard material that clings to teeth. This can build up over years and is taken off with a cleaning.

It does not sound like the problem is serious and you will be fine until you can arrange an appointment with the dentist. Dentistry has come a long way and can be painless. I would not worry as it sounds like your teeth are in fairly good shape.

I am sure the issues can be resolved easily. Getting established with a dentist is a great idea. They will take a look at your teeth and come up with a plan to deal with anything that needs fixing, no worries.

Broken or damaged teeth can be easily restored. There are many options which you can discuss with the dentist.

Just make a commitment to get your teeth looked at sooner than later. This way a small problem does not become larger. You should be able to eat normally, just be careful about crunching down on very hard things.

Also, dental cavities cannot be spread from one person to another. Enjoy Christmas and New Years, and do not get stressed out. Relax and enjoy the holidays.

Blessings :)
I know that Boots sell a kit for temporary do-it-yourself fillings which may help you over the Christmas period until you can get an appointment. Kind regards:)