I will never allow my phobia to do this to me again



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Jun 7, 2013
I just wanted to share my recent experiences with everyone.
Ok, 4 years ago I went to a dentist as I was having a problem with my top back wisdom tooth. Dentist told me my teeth were a mess and I needed a lot of work. With a sympathetic dentist like that I bolted for the door.
I've always had a huge dental phobia which I think began with having 4 teeth out by gas when I was younger so let's just say that I've barely visited a dentist since.
so 4 years after bolting for the door I'm in a mess, I'm getting huge waves of pain in my head, ear and neck oh and I've also massively cracked a top molar and all that's left is a black stump and a root. I'm getting abscesses and I'm struggling to eat and so i knew that i have to see a dentist as i cant live my life like this.
I started researching dentists in my area and came across cudworth dental practice in Barnsley which is near where I live and so I rang them.
receptionist was lovely when I explained my fears etc and I explained that I didn't want to be told my teeth were a mess and that I shouldn't have let my teeth get this bad....I already knew that. Receptionist said they would never say that. So I barely slept up to day of reckoning. Arrived at surgery and sat trembling. Saw lovely dentist called Jenny and a lovely dental nurse and both immediately made me feel welcome, they explained everything they were doing and basically I had a check up and was told I'd need the wisdom tooth and cracked molar extracting, 2 fillings and a scale and polish.
i was told that the surgery offers gas and air and sedation and we agreed that I'd have gas and air and I'd have the wisdom tooth and a filling on my first session then cracked tooth scale and polish and filling done second sitting. Was never made to feel like I should have come earlier.
whilst I felt it went well I was so nervous about the day of reckoning.
arrived. Trembling in waiting area, feeling sick with sweaty palms. Dentist ran nearly an hour late which made me feel ill and like running away.
after an eternity I was called in. Was given a mask over my nose for the gas and air and dental nurse made me focus on my breathing which really helped. I was resisting and my heart was beating very fast but suddenly I felt like I was drunk and very relaxed.
unfortunately wisdom tooth was a nightmare to get out but dentist and nurse were so lovely that I was ok. Felt so proud of myself.
today I've been back for other tooth extracting and fillings and scale and polish.
Extraction was absolutely fine, however when I got home blood everywhere and so I went back to dentist and spent 2 hours there whilst they stopped the bleeding.
my next appt is in 6 months and you know what, I won't hesitate to attend. I'm never going to let my phobia rule me, I can do it and I haven't died yet lol.
all I'd suggest for anyone is to find a really nice and sympathetic dentist and have gas and air. If I can do it then anyone can.
good luck


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi Miriam :welcome: to the forum.

Thank you for taking the time to write about your success, it will help a lot of other people who are feeling as nervous as you were. :welldone:

Congratulations on getting the work done :cheer::cheer::cheer::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::yayy::yayy::yayy::bounces::bounces::bounces::yay::yay::yay::bounces::bounces::bounces::claps::claps::claps:

I agree that finding an understanding dentist makes all the difference to getting the treatment we need. Well done you WhooooooooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooooo :star::star::star::butterfly: