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If a patient complains of a possible cracked molar due to biting something hard



Junior member
Jul 27, 2019
New York
How many Xrays would be taken of the area? Wouldn't one bite wing, max two be sufficient for assessment on said side of mouth?
Wouldn't more than that be excessive and possibly could cause harm like radiation burn to the patient?
Patient also had full series done a little less than 6 months prior, however went to a dental school facility due to changes in teeth.
To diagnose a fracture/crack, the dentist would need at least bitewings and PA’s as PA’s will show the root and the bite wings do not. There is no concern or risk for radiation burn due to the radiation is such a small amount for X-rays. The X-rays done 6 months prior are completely invalid for this issue, as if the fracture was done from biting something recently, the fracture would not show on a previous X-ray.
Cracks are very difficult to diagnose, so at least two rays from two different angles are needed. The prior x rays done 6 months ago are also important because they serve as a reference for any changes.
What is professionally important that the dentist also examined the tooth in the mouth, not only with x rays.