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If I can do it, anybody can!



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Oct 4, 2016
I posted on this forum before (forgot my login so i made another) a few months back about how bad my teeth where getting. My gums on my bottom front teeth where receeding, i had brown stains on two of my bottom teeth and was sure of at least 4 cavities that needed filling. I've never gotten a cavity but my last trip to the dentist, he was so verbally abusive and had no compassion it ruined me. It's been 5 years, and all i would do was look up things online. Awful, awful things. Imagining my teeth falling out, getting dentures at just 25 was terrifying to me. Flossing one night, i felt something chip off one of my bottoms. It was part of my teeth for sure. I knew what had to be done.. i called my mom hysterically crying, we scheduled an appointment together (Thank God for this woman) and she went with me the next day to a dentist her friend RAVED ABOUT, because she too had dental phobia. I had a panic attack in the car and cried in the waiting room. When they called my name i almost walked out. Let me tell you about my experience...

It started with the xray tech. I immediately told her my teeth where not in the best shape, and i was probably going to cry the entire time. "Sweetie dont you worry, ill cry right along with you. You know the saying, those who cant do, teach? I've been terrified of the dentist my whole life so one day i said, if you cant beat em, join em!" She was absolutely amazing in every way. She first told me how great my bones where in my mouth! Which was my first fear because from my research loss of jaw bone is a factor in severe gum disease which is what i was SURE i had. She told me i had the bones of a teenager! She then told me how great my teeth looked in the xrays and DUN DUN DUN, NO SIGN OF ANY CAVITIES!!!!! I nearly fainted. I started crying, because it literally felt like 10 pounds off my shoulders. I thanked her and held her hand. She then told me it was great that i came in but the piece that came off of my tooth was only tarter, my tooth wasnt even chipped ! I felt like an asshole :giggle: She told me even though my teeth where good, i had a lot of build up under my gums which id have to come back and get a deep cleaning (This was technically an emergency visit and they didnt have time to do it all) Then I was moved to a chair in the back where the dental hygienist sat me down and told me how nice my teeth where! She rubbed my back and calmed me down telling me sweetie, theres no judgement here you are beautiful! We are so happy to have you! These where the nicest most amazing group of people, and then he walked in! "I saw those teeth in the back, what the heck are you so nervous for girl!" This man treated me like i was family, like he knew me his entire life. He explained everything as he did it, scraping all the plaque off of my teeth and under my gums.. which they didnt even have time for but fit me in anyway. He told me how amazing of a patient i was, and stopped for breaks whenever i flinched. The brown stains I was so sure where my teeth decaying away, where just .... stains. Their barely noticeable with just one brief visit to the dentist! He told me i had a slight case of gingevitis and would have to come back for a more thorough "scaling" of my teeth and gums. But i'm not scared in the least! Sure, I know it will probably hurt a little but I know Dr Feilich will take great care of me!

My teeth arent perfect, not even close. They're discolored.. my gums receeded a bit, and i have one or two small stains.. but just hearing that i'm going to be okay makes me so excited to smile!.. I know how scary it is. It takes over your mind, you cant sleep or eat. It's all you think about. But i promise you, 90% of the time it is NEVER as bad as you think it is. Dentistry is a career people go to school for years because they love it! They want to make people smile, literally! Lighten your load a little bit, find a good dentist and live your life!