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If I can do it, you can too!



Junior member
Dec 21, 2010
Hey guys! I just got all 4 wisdom teeth extracted cause all 4 were impacted. Let me tell you my story.

I sat down in the chair and they first took my blood pressure and it was good so they put a thing on my finger to check my oxygen level and then came the IV. the needle did sting a little bit but she missed the first time on my arm so I had it in my hand. I will admit it was a dull pain for a lil and I was EXTREMELY nervous. Shaking and everything. but once I saw the doctor put the sedatives in the IV I was out before I knew it. It felt like 2 seconds before I woke up with gauze in my mouth and the doctor saying "it's all over!" I honestly didn't believe him because it felt so short and I was in ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN! If you're getting an IV or debating on an IV, I HIGHLY suggest it! I have the worst fear of dentists and before the IV I was shaking terribly, but the sedative made it so easy to fall asleep. I kept trying to talk and I guess I was saying weird things but I felt amaazzingg. I got home and took a nap and when I got up I still didn't feel anything! It seriously feels like nothing happened! It is tough trying to eat, I got a smoothie from McDonalds and kept drooling it out. After I started feeling dull pain and took the medicine he prescribed, it kicks in so fast and you feel amazing again! I would do it over again if I had the chance, it was actually fun! I dreaded the surgery and now I feel like I worried over absolutely nothing. It will bleed a little and you're gonna get alot of saliva, but I just swallow it and I'm drinking alot of the smoothie to get the blood taste out. So take it from me, it really is no big deal! I don't need gauze at the moment because the pain isn't even that bad. I'm so glad I got this done and would have gotten it done if I knew it was going to be this easy! I'm so relaxed right now I feel like I can do anything. I didn't even have any tummy troubles or anything. I'm so happy right now and to know it's all done and over with, it feels like it took 2 minutes! Hope this helps!
Oh Nikki... I'm so glad it all went well for you. Thank you for posting this because I have to have my bottom ones out next month and I'm scared to death. You made me feel a little better about it. Thank you. :cheers:
you're very welcome! :) I was nervous too I even cried last night and this morning. but I feel so great right now and it's such a big relief to know that they're out and you still feel good! I'm probably sounding loopy right now but I'm only 17 and I feel like I could do it over and over again with no problem. You don't feel like you're losing any sort of control when they sedate you, you just feel like you're really tired and want a nap lol. :)
Well, I'm so glad that you are not having any pain afterwards either. Be sure and do what they tell you so you don't get a dry socket. No spitting, sucking motions (i.e. drinking through straw), smoking ect.... no warm stuff the 1st 24 hours. ect... I'm going to read your post over and over again until my appt next month. I'm still scared... :scared:
Well I'm on day 2 and I feel even better! :) I had slight pains this morning but a pain pill made that go away really fast and had an AWESOME nap! I drank V8 all day and had really mushy mac n cheese making sure to not get it near the missing wisdom teeth. I even had my boyfriend visit and I could talk normally but my mom advised me not to so I would text him as he was cuddling next to me. He also brought over a slurpee which was really nice of him and I ate it with a spoon and not a straw. I took another pain pill as the pain came back around 4pm (mind you, I took the other at around 11, so they work for awhile!) and starting feeling really good again and slept till about now (around 7pm) and I found that I could bite down a slight bit with no pain! I've been barely bleeding and still no need for gauze. I'm now slowly eating mushy noodles and tiny bits of sausage, taking care to only nibble with my two front teeth and swallowing only in the middle of my mouth. It truly was no big deal and quite an enjoyable experience :) I'll keep updating for you and hopefully you'll feel even more confident in your procedure! :yay:
Thank you, Nikki... you have been a big help and encouragement. I'm so glad you are still doing well. :jump::party:
Day 3 done and it was a doozy. My left side is starting to puff up but my right side is fine. I'm also getting this terrrible taste coming from the bottom left but it's only temporary and goes away whenever I drink something. I'm taking more of the pain pills since they do help with the pain allottt. It is getting a lil frustrating because I wanna be able to eat real food and feel normal again lol. I was able to chew with just my front teeth with no problem, but I really should be taking it alot more easily. Merry christmas eve! :) :jump:
Be careful, Nikki... if that side gets swollen and has a bad taste contact your oral surgeon to be sure you don't have infection. They can give you some meds for it. Don't let it go without atleast asking.... it never hurts to be safe.