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Ilan Preiss, City of London



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Ilan Preiss
Bow Lane Dental Group
2a Bow Lane
London EC4M 9EE
Tel: 020 7236 3600

"I'm new to this board but can't recommend highly enough the Bow Lane dental group www.bowlanedental.com

I have (had!!) a real dental phobia for the past 15 years and avoid them at all costs. i had to find a dentist (my teeth are in a bad way!!) and after researching rang bow lane. i was so bad i was even in tears just talking to the receptionist!! (who was lovely!!)

i managed to actually go for my appointment (when i got there i refused to sit in the chair or let the dentist anywhere near my teeth at 1st!) and came out smiling!! I can't explain how phobic i used to be (i had to have IV sedation just to visit the hygeinist in the past!!) and by the end of my appointment managed to have x-rays etc with no problem at all. my dentist is Ilan priest and i can honestly say his manner and that of the place and all the staff have cured a lifelong problem. during that 1st appointment we just chatted for about 45mins 1st. he explained everything he was going to do & didn't do anything i dodn't want. I've had 2 hygeinist appointments since which were actually quite relaxing, and in 2 weeks i'm going to have 4 crowns replaced on my front teeth and 2 wisdome teeth removed ... get this .... without any sedaton!! (just the injections!) and i'm actually looking forward to it just for amazing knowledge that i have found somewhere which really has helped me overcome all my fears! (You get to watch dvd's during treatment with earphones in so you can hear and see nothing!!) i also opted for whitening and with my new crowns in 2 weeks i am going to have a beautiful smile for the 1st time ever!

the only downside is that its a private dentist and not cheap - but its worth every penny to me! "

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Ilan is my dentist; he's the kindest dentist I've ever been treated by, and I also appreciate his sense of humour. I have the feeling that he is working with me rather than inflicting treatment upon me, which is very important.

My teeth did look quite manky before I went to Bow Lane, but they're really attractive now and I have no pain for the first time in years.

I have also seen Zaki Kanaan and Sameena Choudhry at the same practice, who were equally superb.

My hygienist is Emma Whitford, who somehow - mostly with her gentleness and just plain sweetness - manages to make hygiene appointments enjoyable.

I've found this to be a great practice.