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I'm 32 years old and I've never been to a dentist....



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Nov 5, 2019
My father never took me to the dentist when I was a kid, he thought they were too expensive. I didn't grow in the UK, I grew up in the United States, where going to the dentist is very expensive for a working class family and we just couldn't afford it really. Surprisingly I've been somewhat fortunate in my life, my teeth are not in really bad condition.

During my teenage years, I didn't have a sweet tooth (like my peers did). I never liked drinking soda drinks or sugary drinks. Didn't like chewing bubble gum and I was never really a chocolate lover either.

My teeth are perfectly straight, I never had the need to get braces or anything like that. May be I got lucky? I really don't know.... I don't have the answers.

Ok, I do have some small tartar problems but only very slightly on the 2 bottom front teeth and 2 upper side molars. It is barely noticeable. Sometimes when I floss, the tartar just falls right off and doesn't come back for a while.

When I brush my teeth, my gums don't really bleed unless I forget to brush or floss for a few days (for whatever reason).

I don't really see any signs of cavities on my teeth. I won't know for sure unless I get a dental x-ray, and I've been avoiding it all my life.

My teeth are not slightly yellow but I would say they're creamy white. I've seen pictures on the net of other people's teeth and theirs was far, far worse than mine, I'm sad to say.

I didn't have any problems with my teeth until I was in my late teens and early 20s, my wisdom teeth suddenly started growing on and off. It's been going on for years. I would get the occasional headache. There's no over crowding in my mouth, there was plenty of room for them to grow in. I'm in my early 30 years now and my wisdom teeth look just fine.

** I do have a very tiny chip off my lower right 2nd molar and I can't really chew too much on that particular tooth. It's sensitive to hot and cold foods. That is the ONLY tooth I've ever had problem with, in all my 32 years of life! I don't know when that tiny corner chipped off, I think it happened a few years ago. So far, it's not a problem.

I never went to the dentist to get checked out. I can afford it but I was always too afraid he/she would find something just to make some quick money on and drill my teeth, even if it wasn't necessary.

I'm afraid of dental drills. The thought of it gives me nightmares. I'm afraid the dentists will ruin my nearly perfect teeth. I avoid the dentist the best I can, but I know I can't avoid it forever....
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The best would be to see the dentist for at least a checkup and see what is the state of your oral health. From there you can decide what to do.
Hi travelboots :welcome:,

let me start by saying: wow, there are some really really great things about your situation and it's really nice to read that:

It sounds like you do not have any big problems at the moment, but are aware that problems might come in the future. That's a great thing and not having problems really is the best thing to start looking around and tackle your dental fear. There is nothing worse than being in pain, needing help and not having time to chose a dentist properly. In this regard, you are being very brave and I am sure you will soon have a lovely dentist who can take care of your fear and all dental issues that you mentioned.

It's also lovely news that you can afford seeing a dentist now as money often is a huge issue when it comes to dental care. It is always painful to see people who need help but can't get it due to finances or can't chose a dentist they will work with due to money. Being able to work with a private dentist will make it easier for you to find someone nice who will be willing to tailor your care to your needs and you anxiety.

The fact you have never been to the dentist before actually is great news too. That means that anything you can imagine is probably wrong and once you are in the hands of kind caring people who make you feel comfortable, you will be ok. I suspect it is much more difficult to get rid of dental anxiety if you have had plenty of negative experiences then it is if you have never been. Out of curiosity: what is it that scares you about the drill?

The most dentists for nervous patients will be happy to have a good chat with you about everything that worries you and to answer all questions you might have. By the way, ruining teeth is not what dentists do - on the contrary, they make teeth healthy and if anyone wishes, more perfect. Also, a dentist works on your behalf so you are the boss when it comes to what will be done and how.

Last but not least, London area is one of the places where I wished to be if I was at the beginning of my dental journey. Here is our list of recommendations for England once you decide to start looking around for practices.

All the best wishes and keep us posted