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I'm an adult with baby teeth... anyone else??



Dec 31, 2009
I'm 24, about to turn 25, its been a while since i've been to the dentist. i still have 3 baby teeth, the incisors, the fang ones, and the adult teeth are finally growing in, the only problem is that one is begining to become lose, and i know i have to go to the dentist and get them pulled, i'm just SO scared. I mean, i'll have these gaps in my teeth, i'll look funny, and wont it hurt? i know its weird that i still have baby teeth, but does anyone else have an issue like this?
Well I'm in the same boat, sort of.

One top canine never came in - the baby tooth was fine until a few years ago when it cracked, then gradually rotted and now snapped off at the gum. I'm guessing the adult is up in the roof of my mouth somewhere. The other top canine grew in over the baby so it's like a fang, but the baby isn't budging.

I also still have my baby pre-molars top/bottom, never had any wisdom teeth, and missing another set of either molars so I only have 28 teeth.

Don't have any advice since I haven't been to the dentist since I was a teenager in years (hence why I'm hanging around here :) but I sympathize with your issues and hope you are able to deal with them a lot earlier than me!!

Would also love to hear from members who have dealt with this type of problem successfully.
i'm happy to know that there are other people out there, well, at least one, who has the same issue as me. i'm hoping more people will respond with their stories!
I'm in similar situation only no adult teeth underneath so…kinda up a creek without a paddle..