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I'm back from the dentist, IV Sedation appt!!



Junior member
Jun 17, 2010
Hi everyone,

Thanks for everyone's support. It is now 5:11 PM and I am back from the dentist! The IV sedation part turned out the be the easiest part! The hardest parts were right before and being woozy after and trying to walk around. I am lucky that the dentist was able to save my wisdom teeth with fillings and just fill a couple of teeth and do a deep cleaning under my gums and I feel no pain at all now. I'm just very tired. Here is what I remembered happening with the IV sedation for those who haven't had it yet and want to know:

I was given a little versed in an elixer form to calm me down, which actually made me shake and teeth chatter as though I was cold. The dentist said that the Versed does not cause that so it's probably all my nerves and adrenaline coming out. It also had not kicked in yet. Then I went into "the room". First, they washed my right hand and then the assistants led me to the chair bec. I was still shaking and unstable on my feet. They told me to dangle both hands down. I had the pulseox thing put on my finger, two clamp like cold things on my wrists, not uncomfortable, just not sure what those were, then I had the blood pressure cuff. I was told beforehand that I would not have the neck thing where he can hear my breathing or thing in my nose to monitor oxygen levels until after I fall asleep. Then I remember the dentist using the rubber thing you tie around your arm to make your vein stick out. My friend was in the room with me. I remember me asking the dentist to put the stuff in gradually and that's all I remember! You don't even feel like you are startng to get to get drowsy or woozy or fall asleep. Next thing I remember, I opened my eyes and I saw my friend in the same spot he was when the needle went in. my mouth was numb and just felt very tired. I sat for a bit and then slowly moved me into another room and helped me drink some tea. The numbness wore off quickly and I had no pain (bec. no extractions! yay!). Just wooziness and unsteady on my feet for a bit until it completely wears off. I had no nausea at all! I have a follow up visit next week. So overall, it was a very positive experience that I would definitely do again!
Good job Stacie!!:jump:

I had those clamp things on my wrists at my oral surgeon appointment last month..it's a thing that allows them to monitor your heart somehow. The nurse explained it to me..but I was too nervous to really pay attention. :redface: I commented on how cold they are!
I am so glad you posed that. I am going in a couple of weeks for an implant. I am being sedated and am so scared about that part!
Hey Stacie :jump:GOOD FOR YOU!
MSW don't sweat it, Stacie is right - nothing to it. I was having anxiety attacks wondering if I'd come through it, wondering if I'd wake up feeling sick, and it all happened without my knowing a thing. No counting down, no feeling drowsy - just awake 1 moment and then POOF, eyes opened in another room the next moment, feeling fine and wondering what all the worry had all been for.

Congratulations Stacie, no reason to be afraid of it if you ever need to go through it again! :)
Glad you had a great time with it and congrats on getting through it all!

Well Done!!!