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I'm FINALLY going to be able to smile again!



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Dec 15, 2014
I haven't posted on here in a while, so below is a prior post from last year about my story and after that, where I am now:


I am a 35 year old female and have always had a tremendous fear of the dentist. When I was little, I knocked out a front tooth on a scooter and also had many cavities so was in and out of the dentist for years as a kid and was traumatized by it. To make a very long long story short, I am now missing three front teeth (had them extracted years ago) and have been using a dental flipper for years because the dentist I went to see to get the extractions and flipper was extremely judgemental and lecturing. I was scared then to go get that work done and was so proud of myself for making the appointment, but he was so horrible to me and it just brought back all my childhood memories of mean dentists. I literally left that office in tears...and that was 15 years ago. I lost faith then and there.

I also have decay and broken molars in the top back of my mouth and one has been causing me so much pain the last few days that I have to get in to see someone asap. I have many old fillings that probably need replacing and of course, I need a plan to replace all the missing teeth on the top....Even the ones that are left are not in good shape, yellowed and chipping and enamel wearing off. I am so ashamed of my teeth. I don't even want anyone to look in my mouth.

I am so embarrassed and scared....that I haven't had the flipper replaced and my gums/roof of my mouth are in bad shape because of it. I am embarrassed that I let the broken and decayed teeth go so long without care but I could never bring myself to go to the dentist. I am literally shaking and anxiety ridden even writing this post. I want to cry right now!! I am a 35 year old woman who has control over everything else in my life..except this. The fear is crippling. I am afraid that I will get lectured and scolded. I know better than to have let it go this long, but the fear...it literally paralyzes me into inaction.

Please help. I need to get my smile back and have a healthy mouth again, and I know I need to get over this fear, but I just don't know how. I feel so lost and scared! :shame:

Today, 8/18/15
Sooo...I did have a little phobia relapse since this last post, but still managed to get to an oral surgeon in April to have the two top wisdom teeth removed. Then I kind of faded back into my fear regarding getting my front teeth taken care of. However, a few weeks ago, I was cleaning my flipper and putting it back in my mouth and when I pressed it in place, it cracked along the gum line (kind of like a windshield). It didn't break, but I knew then and there that I needed to get to someone ASAP. This thing was a ticking time bomb just waiting to snap in half in my mouth!!!

I finally was able to get in today to see a dentist that specializes in reconstructive/cosmetic cases. Bad news was, they could not repair the flipper for the interim until I could make an appointment for the permanent work so I am just trying to be as gentle with it as possible until I can go back to the denists. Good news? I got impressions and xrays done and will be having a permanent bridge put in in two weeks (temporary bridge next Tuesday!)!!!!! I have insurance, but it will still cost a pretty penny out of pocket, but I do not care. I FINALLY got over my final fear and now will be able to smile again with confidence!!!

The dentist and his assistants were so kind and non judgemental; the assistant even told me her story of a bridge she has. It made me feel so comfortable and not alone in my plight. Even the receptionist told me after today's appointment, "You are going to be so happy to see the results when this is done! You are going to feel like a new person!" She even said that many patients just erupt in tears when they see the final results; I know I will be one of those people. I cannot wait to see my new smile and wear it with confidence!!!

Of course I am scared and nervous for the actual procedure, but my desire to have a healthy smile again outweighs my fear by a BIG STRETCH.

If I can do this, so can you. I never thought I would be typing a post like this. I feel so proud of myself and feel like I could move a mountain right now.

Thanks for reading!:jump:
Hi thank you for updating your story. I think you have done really well and you should be proud of yourself, I award you a big :star: and even :perfect: :respect::respect::respect:

Don't worry about the prep for the bridge, your dentist and staff sound lovely, keep them :ROFLMAO:

I have two bridges on the top of my mouth one at either side on my back teeth. They look just like normal teeth and feel like it too. They do require different cleaning so ask the dentist to show you how to keep them clean underneath as well as brushing.

You will be pleased as punch and no more having to take out and put in a denture. You most certainly will smile from ear to ear and it will feel good too.

Good luck and all the best to you, let us know how you get on please :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly:
Thank you so much for the kind words! It really means a lot to me.

I really did find the perfect dentist and staff; they said I can even have warm neck pillow and watch a movie during the prep time on Tuesday! How great is that?:grin:

I cannot wait to be rid of this ugly denture. The assistant said that I could keep it as a reminder of things past when they place the bridge and I said "No way! I want to smash it with a hammer into a million pieces!" She laughed and said she totally understood. I can't wait to snap this thing in half and toss it in the garbage can on Tuesday. It's going to be the best feeling ever.

I will keep everyone posted as I go through the process; I want to be able to share my story with other people who have gone through or are going through the paralyzing fear of going to the dentist. Lord knows I was one of the worst cases out there and I know if I can do this, ANYONE can.