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I'm In a state of panic!

I often get on my own nerves, don't worry about it, everybody is frightened of something. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other like you did on Tuesday to get yourself there, then the dentist and helpers will be so good with you and they will help you get through it. Also you have your little pill. You are armed and will take it.

GOOD LUCK, you will be fine :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: there's a lot of us here remember us when you are there, we will all be thinking of you.
Hey Kim, a few weeks ago, building up to my extraction (Carole will know the mess I was in...) I remember one day getting really angry with myself. I started shouting out loud, and crying at the same time, 'why the *** can't just be bloody normal about this' and other things like 'being scared of this dental work is driving me **** crazy', actually there were a lot of expletives in general ! I remember the anger well, as part of the process of coming to terms with my future dental work; it was borne of frustration with myself, because I knew how I wanted to be feeling. I wanted to be feeling calm, as I perceived others were able to be. My husband was a bit open-mouthed, as I switched from being really afraid to really aggressive :giggle: All part of the journey Kim....and yes....we will be here to metaphorically hold your hand.
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Oh yes Kim she was a raving lunatic I remember it well, she frightened me half to death. KIDDING, we have all been there don't worry come on here and we will keep talking and talking (in a typing kind of way) until your ears will be ringing. You will be fine, really and it will soon be over. I bet you come on here shouting and screaming as we all do that you have done it and the worry was the worse thing.

We will support you and send you these:XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug: until your begging us to stop.
Thank you guys sooooo much - You have no idea how grateful I am to you for saying what you do, and most importantly knowing what I am going through. I feel as if I have gone into rewind. This time last week I felt like poo and I went to bed early AGAIN last night because I was miserable and felt I was making my family miserable too.

I have woken up this morning and feel more stressed than I did yesterday. My hubby asked why I am getting myself worked up again, and I said although not until Thursday, it is the whole thought of having to go through it all again. Stupid me, when the dentist took note of everything, and the x-ray, I thought he would just send all that to the new place, and I would just go and start getting things sorted. But hey ho, no to that, I have to go through the whole thing again, a bit like ground hog day. And I am thinking to myself, this new place is a lot further than where I went on Tuesday, so that means a more terrifying drive, and as we don't know the area, it is just going to creep up on me. All I know is that it is above an M&S to go shop, so that means another dreaded walk up stairs!

Stupid, stupid and even more stupid hey? That's how irrational my thinking has got, and I am also scruitinising my mouth and wondering if the first dentist got it right, as he only took the one x-ray of my missing crown and of nothing else, and when I look at my lower teeth, my gums are so swollen and mishapen, that I cant help but think this new place is going to tell me that what the first dentist said is all wrong, and that the work I need is far more complex!!

Sorry guys - I am rambling, but I need to get this out or it will ruin the whole day for my family, and as it is mother's day, I really need to try to get it together!

Thankyou x
I hope you have been able to enjoy mothers day, I wish Thursday would hurry up and come for you, then you can get it over and done with. What are you so terrified of?
They can only do what you allow, and believe me the worry you have now is much worse than the dentist visit is going to be.
If it's the chair been tipped back, ask if it is possible for them not to do it.

If it's the probe (the pokey tool) ask them not to use it.

If it's the x rays, that's a bit harder, they are over with quickly and they don't hurt, they can be a bit uncomfy

From reading your post after you had been to the dentist from what I can make out, I think you are having sedation to get your teeth cleaned and the crown doing. But I'm not sure I have understood it correct. They will be used to dealing with frightened patients and I would think they will be very nice and understanding with you.

You can always promise yourself a treat in M&S when you have done, that's something to look forward to.

I can't wait to come on here on Thursday and see how you went on. You will be really fine, and you have your tablet which will help a lot.

I wish you all the best. :)
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Carole & Jaylah

Whoah - today has been a rocky road - have felt my tensions rise as the course of the day has gone on. My hubby took my daughter out for a driving lesson today and being on my own, the panic has really started setting in. Carole - the whole bloody thing - absolutely everything - I guess some people have more fears than others, I think I am at the top of the scale - I worry myself and I know how irrational I am being I am having mini panic attacks, breathing is rubbish. Jaylah - I dont ever count what my kids have done.

I am one of those people who dont want to worry anyone about how I am feeling - s**t my hubby has only just found out I have this phobia - known him for less than the time I have been to the dentist!!!! I am trying to get used to telling people I am NOT alright - 'cos I am so used to saying I am fine when I am NOT!!

S**t today and going to get worse during the week :scared:
I say I'm fine when I'm not as well. It's very hard to say you need help of some sort. I am sorry you have had a bad, nay terrible day. Everyday come on here and get it off your chest if it helps.

I have been fine going to the dentist, well just a bit shakey, of late but at the end of this month my dentist is leaving and I have to get used to a new one. Hopefully I will be done for 6 months after Wednesday so I can forget about my blooming teeth for a while. Like that is going to happen, you see I worry when I have problems, get them fixed, then worry in case I get any more problems.

Could you get something from your Doctor tomorrow to help keep you a bit calmer, as in not being in a full blown panic, for this week.

To change the topic completely did you get anything nice for mothers day?

If you want to take your mind off dental things go to Pianimo's thread about the DFC animal at the top of the page and vote and put your opinion on there, it has got really silly on there but it's a bit of fun and stops us all stressing out for a while. Talk about little things pleasing little minds, you wouldn't believe we are all responsible adults. It's fun go and have a go. It will give you a break. :grouphug:
I think that is such a thought-provoking post Jaylah.
Thank you Jaylah for your support and words of encouragement. I watched the video through tears - nothing new there then!

I have had today off as annual leave and took my family out for lunch as a kind of way of saying thanks for being there for me so much recently. I just about managed to eat my lunch as my tummy is in such a knot still. I am feeling rubbish because I am in such a state, and am annoyed with myself for letting this fear consume my whole self because that is what it is doing.

Had I not have found this site and you lovely people, I am not sure what I would have done, as this is like my sounding post, and although I have never met any of you and you me, I feel like I have a whole new bunch of friends, and who understand what I am going through.

I only have two more days before I have to go to another appointment, and I thought I would not have felt as bad as I do having got through last weeks one. However, I feel just as bad if not worse, as I keep having panic attacks, although littler ones than last week.

I am back to work tomorrow, and my good friends there will put up with me again, but I maybe wont have quite so much time to think about Thursday than I have right now.

I will come back on later perhaps, but just wanted to say a big thank you to you all again x
You are welcome Kim, we have all been there, I still get a bit shaky depending what I need doing, but I have managed to feel calm with my dentist when I go now so I hope you can get to a point where you don't feel quite so bad. I wish you all the best for Thursday, I know you don't think so right now, but you will be fine. :grouphug:
I have 27 to be precise - my gp gave me a months worth and today I felt like I may have needed to take one, but I didn't - my husband said a little while ago that I am getting more depressed as time goes on because it is getting near to Thursday, and he is right. - I feel my heart racing all the time, and I feel really sick, am soooooo close to tears all the time - just rubbish basically.

Sorry to be a pain, but that is how I feel. :scared:

Kim x
Weak if I take them - weak if I dont
Am back to doing the abrupt breathing :(
It's so near to your appointment now take the tablets, it's strong to admit you are afraid and still go to get the treatment you need.
I consider myself very strong and independent in my everyday life, and I am very strong willed, but put me near a dentist and I turn to mush, not weak, frighted by previous experiences until I build up a trust with a dentist.

It takes a lot of strength to go to the dentist when you feel how you do, and I know that feeling well.

If somebody told you to hold a mouse that you were frightened of and you said no that wouldn't make you feel weak, but because it is a dentist that frighten's you and you need to go, that makes you stronger than somebody that isn't bothered. It takes sheer guts to face the fear and get treatment and deserves respect.

No way are you weak, everyone is frightened of something, but can they face their fears ? YOU CAN :jump:
I couldn't get on here yesterday, as I had problems with my internet. Yesterday wasnt a particularly good day, although my friends at work managed to take my mind off things at times. I got my knickers in a twist again last night, so went to bed early having taken a tablet. I dont remember anything until I woke at 2am, then had a little OMG go on, then went back to sleep until 4am which is when I woke for good!

Am working again today, and very tired, and tummy doing somersaults! I am soooooo dreading tomorrow :scared: and soooooo dont want to go but know I have to, and this time tomorrow I will be in the car on my way and panicking like crazy!!

I have had some good advice also from John the dentist up in Scotland, he has been exceptional, as have you all, so thanks and will update soon. In the meantime, any more words of encouragement would be welcomed - can feel me legs turning to jelly :cry:

Kim x
I know it is a dreadful feeling, waiting and feeling that fear rise inside you. In the last 24 hours I just wanted it over with as the waiting, and imagining fearful things, was all encompassing. I felt physically ill the 48 hours before the appointment. This is my positive thought for you -

......about this time tomorrow, you will have been and be on your way back ?? :) Start focusing on the afterwards - there is life after the dental appointment; something I forgot in my deep terrified state, all I could see was THE event looming on the horizon. How will you reward yourself for having been to the dentist ?
Hi Kim I hope you are keeping yourself occupied and as worry free as is possible.

All the best :)
Thanks Carole and Carys

I am trying to keep myself occupied with my work, but cant do so 100%. I keep going in a wobbly state thinking of tomorrow and what is to come.

OMG less than 24 hours........!


I will treat myself with a night of not stressing too much I hope xx
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I am sobbing - I am so scared - I have worried my daughter - I feel like s**t - apologies I am an un-practicing catholic - still get the guilty feelings less than 24 hours to go - if I take a tablet will I be able to tell him not to use the picky thing?????
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