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I'm In a state of panic!

Not wanting to sound flippant, but if he was allowed back home from the hospital that must mean the ankle isn't as bad as it potentially could have been? From your description of the accident, it could have ended so much worse, so maybe it's worth a little sigh of relief :flowers:.

So sorry to hear that your daughter is having ungoing issues :( - I'm a bit baffled that she'll only see the nurse but will send you a pm - wouldn't it be more logical to have a specialist check it out. There might be a really simple solution but I wouldn't think that nurses at a GPs would have either the training or the equipment to diagnose anything.

And you've certainly done nothing to deserve this :grouphug: (quite the opposite in fact!! if anyone has been earning their brownie points this year, it's you :hug5:).

I hope you'll recover from that horrid cold soon (I find that those Night Nurse anti-cough tablets coupled with Sudafed spray really work wonders with getting some sleep when you're all stuffed up <-- oh dear, I should really ask them for sponsorship in exchange for this rather clever product placement :grin:).

Get well soon Kim :friends:
If your life this year was a film they wouldn't make it, how can so much happen to one poor family. As if after everything this year wasn't enough it throws this at you. :faint::faint::faint:

I am hoping things take a turn for the better, and thinking of you. I don enjoy reading your thread it usually has me in stitches but this is terrible. I am still cringing and feeling your sons pain. :terror:

I hope you and your daughter both feel better soon as well, it never rains it pours :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::hug5::hug5::hug5::hug4::hug4::there-there::there-there::there-there::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
Thanks for that lets and of course you aren't being flippant and are right. If he hadn't been wearing his protective boots, he wouldn't have an ankle to fix up that's for sure.

With Ali, she has been saying her op site has been giving her twinges, and as I am, and as you will or should know by now, the woosiest person ever, I cannot check it out for her - I wouldn't know what I was looking for anyway. So I suggested she get the nurse to see if things were ok, and hopefully for some reassurance on it. She has to go back to see the surgeon in a few weeks time, so hopefully, he can also advise then.

I think I am going to have to give myself a kick up the bum to try and put me into more positive mode, as I find I :cry: 'silent' tears when no one is around (like I'm doing now), as I don't want them to see how really sad and worried I am. So I am going to have to put myself in the 'there are people (and there certainly are) out there far worse than you missus' mode, and hope that works.

And thanks to you too Carole. Sorry not to have been giving you a giggle, but then this is me, and out of all of this, I am sure something silly will occur (it nearly did when Iain was telling us about what happened - me old eye's went all glossy and I heard the 'shower' being turned on in me ears, made a hasty escape to the kitchen where it was cooler and reminded myself of my child bearing days with the deep breaths (at least if I had have 'gone' :faint:I would have hit my head on my slate tiled floor, and probably needed medical attention as well - that would have made two of us in one day, as opposed to me first with my teeth and Iain the next day with his broken nose :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Once more thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes - am going to dose myself up now with a view to sorting this bloomin' cough and cold out once and for all.

Kim xx
Kim you have certainly had a lot going on recently. Things can only get better, i'm sure of it;).

I highly recommend sitting in your pyjamas with a cosy blanket and lots of comfort food :hungry:. Whatever takes your fancy. Now you've got these new teeth you can munch on anything you want. Put on a good DVD and relax.

Thanks hunni - am glad that things are in a happier place for you right now. Yes, they will get better - positive vibes and all that - they will, I know, just feels like someone, somewhere has it in for us at the moment - maybe I should think about deleting my slap list not!!

Anyway, my baby boy had a sleep, and then I heard him, so went up - he was crying in pain, so gave him the next tablet that he was due. Bless him, crying like a baby, and within minutes, sleeping like a baby. Hubby has said that the doc said he hasn't broken his ankle but they are worried about tissue and blood vessel damage - all gobblydegook to me, but I know it is not particularly good.

And then I check all the stuff he has been sent home from the hospital with - tablets, leaflets and dressings!!! Well, I checked the the (old) towel that we put underneath his foot and there is blood on it, and he goes back Tuesday for I don't know what - not been in a good state to tell us much or sleeping - so my wonderful boss gave me today off and Tuesday morning off as carer's leave and I have taken tomorrow off as annual leave.

Feel like I am taking the 'p' a bit but then when I think of it, I have seen many others go through this same path, and not think twice about it, but still feel incredibly guilty, especially as I know so many people don't have that 'luxury'.

With all this going on, my head has been more of a shambles than normal, and I had more or less forgotten all about the mouth that first started this thread off :naughty:in the first place. Well, me 'gob is good'. Today I didn't bother with my superglue, as didn't feel the need for food, and they withstood their paces. Only problem is, when I have a massive coughing fit, I get into a right two and eight because I feel like I might either swallow, or at least half swallow them :scared: and then what, so I had to bit the bullet after a bit (not literally you understand) and take them out, as I was gagging more than I every would (partly because I heard what happened to Iain, and partly because of my coughing sessions.

Both have calmed down a bit, so we are back on track again - I manage really well with the help of my super glue, and although my speech drives me mad, some people who hear me more than others say they don't notice a difference - yeah right - but that will come after I have talked the hind legs off a donkey no doubt.

Now, for the time being, I am going to 'sign off' I am typing this and my eyelids are shutting, but one at a time, Iain is snoozing, hubby has gone back to bed, on nights and didn't get much of a sleep today because of the events that unrolled, Ali's at work, and me I'm:sleep::sleep::sleep:

I am glad you have been given some time off and I really hope you all get better soon, I am still feeling your son's pain. Thank goodness for his safety boots, at times we all get a wake up call on the reason behind certain rules and regulations and safety gear. It doesn't bare thinking of, what could have happened.

Thanks Carole, and I know what you mean. I feel really, and I mean really ill when I think of the what if's and all of that. Because he was in such shock, he didn't really take in any of what was being said when he was at the hospital, and yesterday he got a phone call from his work (the one's they have to make, to show they are ticking all the boxes). Anyway, upshot of that is, that his boss did all the niceties and then asked when he would be back at work again, and that was after telling him he wouldn't be getting paid for any time off he took, and that because he is agency staff, he wouldn't be entitled to SSP either? Well, I have checked this out on the government website, and according to that, he is, but I will have a thorough look through it first before I go wading in with my ten pence worth! Will keep you updated with that one.

And then on top of all of this, there is me - my goodness I have been a poorly bunny this last few days. I didn't realise how bad I have felt until yesterday. With this 'bug' it has given me the worst cough in a long time, that has made it so bad I have at times been unable to catch my breath :scared: Not a good feeling. I thought yesterday would have been better for me, but as the day wore on, I was feeling worse. I went to bed feeling rubbish, but managed to sleep on and off during coughing fits.

Now dare I say it, but I have woken up this morning (by my coughing alarm clock of course), but feel (hope) that I have turned a corner. My ribs don't feel as if they have had the c**p kicked out of them quite so much, and the breaks between coughing fits are getting longer. I hope that stays like that, and then I may be able to go the whole time with my denture in place. But I personally feel that when you are unwell like that, what is already still a bit of a stranger in your mouth, becomes an even bigger stranger there, and it is not always the best place to be (for me anyway).

So, in my feeling better frame of mind, I am now feeling really guilty. And that is because I still haven't e-mailed Lincoln with an update, and I still haven't done my recommendation, which on both counts I intend to put right over the weekend.

I have also been really lacking in the Grub department of this site, and just goes to show how unwell I have felt, I had my usual 'fix' of subscription foodie mags last weekend, and have still only flicked through two of those, but in saying that, have found a lovely 'brekkie' style menu in one of them, which I want to try out, and it would be able to be eaten by just about everyone I'm thinking, whether you are able to bite, chew or crush given your current mouth condition :cook:

And on an even more up note, our Christmas club paid out a few days early, so I can now begin the hunt for crimbo prezzies a wee bit sooner than originally planned, which is a bonus for me, as the shops have some good deals on with some stuff. And some even better deals on line, both money wise and originality wise ;) So am feeling even more perkier than I have for a bit :)
I will update - really peed off at the moment soooooooo hacked off another grrrrrrr
Sounds ominous :( - hope you (and your daughter, and your son!) are ok :grouphug:
Ok, so here I am back again - this is my journal and unfortunately it doesn't just cover my mouthworks. I haven't been too well this last couple of weeks. If I get a cold and it goes to my chest, I am a bit stuffed. The year after my mum passed away, I got pneumonia at the young age of 27 and I remember the young doc saying to me that it was something an older person would get, and ever since, a normal cold to me is great, a cold that goes to my chest - rubbish, so the chesty part of the cough has more or less gone, but still not totally 100%.

Bye the bye (or is it by the by) Anyways, requested to reduce my hours - Trust cutting back on funding every which way, so I asked to go from doing half 8am to half 4pm to doing half 8am to 5pm (extra half hour each day from Monday to Thursday) and lose 5.5 hours a week, which I could cope with financially and would give me every Friday off - TURNED DOWN!!!! Told to request it officially using all the forms etc, but because we are going through an 'administration review' it would probably be turned down :(

Then, we (admin) staff are all being told that we are basically being turned into a sort of 'admin pool' and will be working here there and everywhere, and could even be 'downgraded' in relation to salaries. Unions are involved and all are supposedly happily working together well, but the people who are being pooped on are the one's on far lower wages, and having work 'delegated' to them, with a view that if you don't like it and lump it, then you know what you can do with it.

The NHS are losing good staff hand over fist, and it is time that this stopped. I went to the hospital with Iain the other day to get his ankle checked out. Walked into the main entrance and looked a bit like Casualty. Went to the fracture (he doesn't have a fracture) clinic and it was like going into a 1970's department. Went into the room where they checked his wound - a phone socket by the door, the cable 'draped' across the hand solutions tanks at the sink, the towel holder and then finally on the workbench.

There was a window in the door, little one, that was covered up by a bit of the paper cloth (blue) that you lie on the couch with, and dressing tape. There was a lock on the door which was broken, and the screws hanging out - but the consultant and nurse BRILLIANT!!!

We as a country need to sort all this rubbish out, learn to keep the people who are passionate and good at their jobs doing just that, and weed out all the people who thrive on the delegation stuff but still expecting to take a big fat pay cheque home for being able to do that.

GGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr over with for now - sorry for the rant - I could go on, but I am needing to head for my bed soon.

Kim xx
I guess it was only a natural progression that my posts on here would diminish as time goes on, and they have a bit, unless I am having a good old rant about something other than my gob ;)

Well, as it happens, I think I will always have something to say about my 'bouche' (practicing for the 2nd of December and my day trip) and I can't 'ferme' it for too long :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: so here I am again. Now, I am getting to be quite a dab hand at sorting my mouth out. I no longer shake like a lunatic when cleaning my denture, nor when I am putting my gook in. I do not over fill it with gook either, but am still in a pickle when taking my denture out to clean the superglue off. It sticks to my gums like nobody's business, and is like chewing gum to get off. I inevitably end up not getting it all out, and am a bit worried I will cause myself other health problems because of that (it contains zinc which is not good for you).

I end up scrubbing the life out of my gums to get as much as I can out of my mouth, so will probably need a a reline more frequently than some :ROFLMAO:

My hubby went back up to Jocko land early this morning, and for the first time in ages, took himself off in the car - my night time driving is rubbish, even worse than my daytime - so I was awake when he got up at 4am, and then went back into a deep sleep. I was just about to turn over and continue my sleep, when I popped one eye open and looked at the clock - 8.03am:scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared: I start work at 8.30am!!!!!

I quickly rang my friend who I work with and 'fessed up' Got ready as quickly as I could and ended up being half an hour late :( Can't you just tell that I am still trying to get into the swing of being back at work again!

It threw me out for the rest of the day, I forgot to take Iain's sick cert in to copy, and felt like I was in slow motion mode all day long.

I am still feeling really unhappy at the way things are going, not only in the NHS but in our Trust in particular. Things are changing at a really quick pace, and staff are in general not happy bunnies. Cutbacks are becoming ridiculous, and I do not say that lightly :( And this is affecting the men and women who fought for our Country. Another Grrrrrrrrrr coming on - I will shut myself up right now!

Going to get Ali from work in a minute, but managed to get tomorrow off, so can at least have a lie in ;)
:wow::wow::wow:Been a little while since I have been on my own thread, and am feeling like a bit of a stranger to myself :(

But there is no point in me posting the same thing every day, and so, I think I will have to save a few bits up to make it a wee bit more readable for whoever wants to be nosey ;)

So where do I start - well, work, I don't even think I am going to go there as such - we have a Christmas party coming up, and things are ridiculous. We can have a party where our patients can have some nibbly bits, but their relatives and anyone else who shows up can't - so be prepared for slapped wrists you hungry relatives :mad::naughty::naughty::mad::mad::naughty::naughty::mad:

You get my drift I hope.

Iain is still off from work, so not getting paid. I took him to see the nurse last week to get his dressing changed, and when he came out he was grey - wasn't long before I was following suit, when he said they tried to take his one stitch out, but it wasn't budging :faint::faint::faint: He is going back to the hospital tomorrow to see the consultant, and his dad is taking him - I really would be on the floor, but I feel guilty that I won't be there for him, because hubby is very much a 'what are you - man or mouse' type person :(

Ali got made permanent last week, so that is good just rubbish hours, and until she gets her own little run around, means I am off to pick her up at 11pm tonight again!!!!

Me with me new bouche (yes it is this Sunday) are sailing. My speech is still a little awkward for me more than anyone else I think. I am conscious when I am eating as I think all dentures should be made with a non-stick coating.

My only grrrrrrrripe is the superglue. Now, for those of you who have never experienced this, I have found a way of describing it to you - SPIDERMAN - yup, the gook he shoots out from his hands when he goes jumping from building to building is what my mouth looks like when I take my denture out for a good old scrub.

And tonight, for whatever reason......????? I had the biggest gagging meltdown ever. Oh gosh, there I was with my pearlies sitting comfortably on tissue waiting for me to sort them out, and me with me head down the bowl 'cowking'! I really thought I had got the hang of the gook the other day, not a problem, it is just like pink blue tack - but no, today, my stupid head took over :naughty::mad::naughty::mad::naughty::mad::naughty:

Not going to happen again (well, it probably will, but hopefully it will give me a bit of a break)

I just need to grow something, but don't quite know what it is. I wish I was more strong stomached, take after my dad - he was a Geordie, I am a soft Southerner - ah well.....

Oh yes, and I am totally getting into the Christmas spirit (not the alcoholic one - yet) and have been searching and researching the 'tinternet' for prezzies, and ordering some. But have discovered that I have a new talent emerging (Carole, you will like this one) I go into shops, look at their wares, and then knock them all flying off the shelves - I have developed a bit of a knack with my knees, they are becoming really good at catching stuff before it hits the floor, and the ears and eyes of other shoppers - seriously, I joke you not :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Now that is more like it :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: the gormless kim we know and love is still in there. Look out shops here she comes. Yes I do love this one :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

WhoooooooooooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooo she'sssssssssssssssssssssss baaaaaaaaaaack

I am wishing you and your family well, I hope you are all healed enough to enjoy Christmas. By the way my dad was a Geordie too. I love the accent.
Kim I really hope you get used to the superglue soon so it doesn't make you gag. I don't think i'd cope well with it at all. Just brushing my teeth often makes me gag and feel sick.

Its good news about Ali getting made permanent though. Maybe once she has been there a little while she will be able to change her shifts to a better time.

:whirl: :whirl: :whirl:
Now, I haven't been posting on here as often, as things have been ticking along quite nicely for the most part. But today is the exception to the rule, and I need to chat to someone as I have for the first time in a long time been :cry: today.

I'll sort of rewind to Saturday, and end up at today if that's ok? So, Saturday, Ali had a doctor's appointment about the pain she is getting from near her operation site. The doctor said the wound has healed nicely :) and that the only thing she can put the pain down to is something to do with nerve endings (I wasn't in the room, so that is as best as I can describe). She is back to see the Consultant next week, and hopefully he will be able to throw some more light on the matter.

That took up a fair bit of the morning, and then Ali was due to start work at 3pm. By the time we got out of the doc's and back to sort some lunch out, it was too late to do anything else. So I pottered about until it was almost time to take her to work. Just before that, she got a message on the wonderful FB from an unreliable source, that there was no work, and she didn't need to go in, but as they work on a points system (if you are off three times you are out), I suggested that Ali go in as per, and if she wasn't needed, she would be told properly.

So off we toddled (an unhappy Ali) and I waited while she went in to find out. She was gone ages, and when she did come out, she didn't have to work (a happy Ali). I then had to get petrol because down to my last dregs, and heading off to France on Sunday, needed the fuel to get us to our pick up point. Petrol got.

Headed off into town, and it was manic, I started to panic as I didn't think I would get what I needed to in the limited time that I had left, but, I did, so all was hunky dory on that front, could go to France looking like I wasn't wearing oversized clothes :)

Then got up real early to get ready, superglued my mouth so that it would stand up to the challenges of a very long day of fabulous French food, and off we went. However......... Ali had a bit of a dodgy tum, and was getting in a right old two and eight about eating anything. Cite Europe, for those who haven't been, the toileting situation there is a bit of a 'mare - they are all based at one end of a very long shopping mall, so because she was worrying herself over that, she wouldn't eat or drink anything, and as she was already feeling really bad, didn't want to make her feel worse by stuffing my extremely sturdy mouth in front of her :(

So, we both mooched and shopped, and apart from water, nothing passed either of our mouths all day! Once we got going back on the coach, Ali soon fell asleep, so I took my chance and 'snuck' my hand into the bag that was carrying croissants and had one ;) That all worked out fine in the end, as we got home (9.30 ish) and ordered from our favourite Indian takeaway - yum :yayy::claps::yayy::claps::yayy:

Then we arrive at today :( I was due to get my hair cut for the first time since I had my teeth out! Now to let you understand - I hate having my hair cut with a vengeance, and there is only one person who I totally trust to do my hair, but as her prices have gone up to over £65 for a cut and blow dry, decided to use the little girl that has done my hair before (not brilliantly, I have to say, but ok).

I have always had shortish hair (since my mum dragged me to the hairdressers when I was about five and ordered the hairdresser to 'chop it all off')! And there have been varying lengths to this short hair, and I have had it 'cropped' a couple of times, but then look a bit like a pin cushion, and so now with my new mouth, needed to make sure that I didn't get anything too drastic that would draw more attention to my face if that makes sense?

Because as happy as I am with my teeth and how they look, I still know that they are not mine, and am conscious that others will be more aware of the difference if that makes sense. I know what I want to say, but I don't quite know how to say it, so hopefully you can get my drift, because I really don't want anyone to think that I am unhappy with my teeth, as that is not what I mean.

So, we have a conversation about just how long my hair has got, and what do I want doing with it. She said about doing that bob cut where it is shorter at the back and longer as it comes round to the front. No, my hair has a bit of a 'kink' in it, and I haven't got the time or the patience to be faffing around with straighteners. Do I want a normal bob cut - errrrrr no, my kink hasn't suddenly disappeared in the space of a sentence or two:confused::confused::confused: I said I would like it shorter, but not as short as I have had it in the past, and not cropped over my ears or totally off my face. I explained that I hadn't been able to get a book of pictures, due to running around like a blue a**e fly for so long, and she was good with that, said she know what to do, and started to do it.

Well!!!! I could see hair flying all over the place, and big amounts of it were coming off. She was doing the hairdressy thing of checking it was the same length both sides, all of that, and then she had finished - job done, hair CROPPED:scared::scared::o:o:scared::scared::o:o all over, and no, she hadn't cut it over my ears, but she may as well have done, as it was hacked on one side and a totally different length the other:cry:

I went into panic mode, told her it was fine, paid her her money, got rid, and cried. The first time in a while (remember when I first came on her, that was all I ever did), but I just cried like a spoilt baby. My hubby and Ali agreed it wasn't great, and (helpful as ever) hubby told me to go to a 'proper' hairdresser and get them to fix it!! I don't have much hair left now, and to face the :redface: of going to someone else to put right someone else's wrong - I couldn't cope with it.

So, I have been trying to get it sorted myself, and tho' I have a multitude of talents, hairdressing isn't one of them. I have a few more 'snips' to get it to a better look than she left me with, and will hopefully have it as reasonable as it is going to be by the time I go back to work tomorrow.

And to add insult to injury, my hubby is on nights, and as Ali can't park at work at the time she starts (because the car parks are full) he dropped her off, with a view to us going back later and leaving the car she is insured to drive in the car park, so that she can drive home, and hubby to take my car.

That in theory works very well, it would work even better if my hubby paid attention and actually listened!! He took Ali to her physio appointment today, and he was going to drop her off straight at work, well, he did do. What he didn't do was take the other set of car keys, so although Ali had her key, he hadn't and so had to use her keys and I have to go out at 11pm tonight to pick her up - freezing cold, dark and miserable ME :(

On a brighter note, I have discovered with the 'superglue' situation, the longer the denture is in with it, the easier the gook is to get out of my mouth. You see what I do when I am working is put my denture in with the 'glue', go to work, come home, take the denture out, get rid of all that gunk, have a good old clean up orally, then put my denture back in minus glue. So I think I am getting to the point where I am more able to cope with the glue in that I have discovered that, and also with the help of my very strong Costco kitchen towel, I can get rid of it with less problems than before.

There, now I have got that back off my chest, I feel better, not likely to burst into tears at the drop of a hat :) I keep reminding myself that people have seen me without any teeth, so very little hair is the least of my worries, what do you reckon?

Thanks for letting me bend your ears, as per, very much appreciated.

Ah Kim. Firstly here are some hugs to help...

:hug5: :hug5::hug5:

I know what its like to have a hair cut go wrong, it makes you feel like you don't want to go out and to be honest I did the same as you when it happened to me. I went home and cried. If your worried about what people at work will say just go straight in and tell them what a nightmare you've had!

It will grow back and I know most people would say you should complain but I know how hard that is too. Try not to worry about it too much. It probably looks much worse to you than to anyone else. I would go and get another salon to fix it, just phone up and tell them you've had a disaster cut and need it fixed and you'll be surprised how often it happens.

Lots of hugs...

Oh, Kim, I feel for you, sister!
I know if my hair isn't styled quite right, I'll either start all over again, or NOT go to wherever I was going if I didn't have the time.
Then couple that with your new teeth..........................YIKES!!!!!!
I hope your hair grows out faster than mine does or you find a fantabulous hair stylist to fix it!
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Thanks for that girls. I looked at it again a little while ago, and it is still rubbish. She had to drop her little boy off before she came to us, and said it was a difficult parting so maybe she was just worked up and took it out on my hair!

As my hubby always says, what's the difference between a good and a bad haircut - two weeks! But in between of that time, I have two Christmas parties coming up, and am not of an age where I can get away with pretending I am a punk or something ;)

I am still really fed up about it, but hopefully will see things through a different light tomorrow.

Sparkles, did you start your new job today? If so, how did it go?

Take care.

Kim xx
I think someone has just gone on your slap list. Good or bad day if you are any good at your job it shouldn't matter what happens you should just be able to do it. Only let trusted people loose on your hair, it matters it is as important as getting a good dentist. It is vital, yes it grows but until it settles down you have to live with it.

Any way on a lighter note I think in a few days it may settle down, could you finger dry it and fluff it up a bit to make it appear longer. I would say it could only happen to you, but we have all had our hair butchered at times. It would just happen to you at this time. I do feel for you.

I am hoping your son is healing now too. How is his ankle?
Aw thanks Carole, and you are right - I am not unique on the hair thing am I, as we have all been there, and I think that when your hair is short anyway, it is more noticeable thanI am happy with. I know my hubby and daughter think it is rubbish too - but I won't have her again, and will save and go back to the lady that I do trust.

Thanks for the hugs too from you all, as I really needed those :(

My son is on the mend tho' still on crutches and the big foot thing, so still not back at work, and not sure when he will be. I am waiting to go get Ali in a minute - hate it, so that has not helped things.

Hope all is well with you and yours - do you have your tree up yet? We are hoping to get ours on Saturday - need something to brighten me up:xmas::xmastree::xmas::xmastree::xmas::xmastree::xmas: