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I'm In a state of panic!

I feel I'm slacking on the DFC front and I truly don't mean to, just that I have had a couple of Crimbo do's this week, along with work, and yet another encounter with the NHS - I am getting truly peed off with all this, but will explain later, as need to get ready to go get our............ :xmastree::xmastree::xmastree::xmastree::xmastree::xmastree:whoop whoop, so will do a proper update on everything later xx
Well you should have your tree by now :xmastree::xmastree::xmastree:I haven't got mine up yet. It is a false one that I have had for years but it is 6ft and really bushy and as good as new. I am hoping you are feeling better, I miss your daily ramblings and adventures, but I know you are back at work and busy as well.

I am looking forward to hearing about your shopping for your tree.

Is your hair any better, or is that still a sore subject. Just in case :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
Bless you Carole, and believe it or not, I really miss my daily ramblings, especially as sometimes I think of you and how you would be :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: with laughter. Anyways, I will update later hopefully, but there was a change around, and we are getting our tree today instead - honestly time is going at a zillion miles an hour at the moment, and it is so fast, I can't get off ;)

Going to dry my hair, which I have pulled at all week long, and it is now not such a sore point, especially as people keep telling me I am looking younger (they have obviously not had the checkup at Specsavers hmmmmm) and when I add a bit of 'slap' well - I am a totally different person :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

So off I go, and will catch up again later. Hope all you 'usual's' are ok, and not having any problems??

Kim xx
Oh Kim I know what you mean about not having enough time to get everything done. I'm exhausted just thinking about everything that i've got happening over the next couple of weeks.

Glad your hair is starting to settle...I wish someone would tell me i'm looking younger!

So, update here we are, even tho' later than I had hoped.

Last Thursday I was going on my first Christmas meal with staff from the unit. On Friday was to be my second with the housekeepers from the unit, so already my life is gathering speed once more. We (hubby and me) have now got a 'routine' with Ali and her rubbish working hours, that mean for the most part, I don't have to go out a stupid o'clock and pick her up. That routine consists of me finishing work at 4.30, my hubby and I then both meeting up at Amazon, leaving the car that Ali is insured on in the car park, and then my hubby has the other car for his work.

Working well for me. So last Thursday I was finishing a wee bit earlier. Rang the house to say that I was on my way round - no answer. Tried hubby's mobile - no answer! Rang Iain's mobile to ask where dad is, and am told that he had gone to work!?!?!?! Errrrrrrr no, he is on night shift and is taking me to my first Crimbo meal destination....?????

So although not answering his phone - well, it was telling me that the person was not available - I text him asking where he was. Get a one text reply 'Why?' Rang him to say I was finished work, and he told me he was in the supermarket, and would leave and meet me, so off I toddled. Got to Amazon, did the ritual of swapping cars, and as I went to drive off, asked if he had left shopping in the other car being as he had been in the supermarket? Am told no, as I had phoned before he got chance to get anything, so I begin driving.

Just before I get to the next bit, I can feel myself getting all worked up just typing this because of what happens next, and my little fingers are going like crazy on my poor keyboard!!!!

So I am driving along, and then from out of the blue comes those wonderful, wanting to hear words 'I have been at the hospital':scared: What?? Why??? How come?????? And so it transpires that a few days before this, he was driving and had a massive pain in his chest. He thought he was going to die, but being scared of what he would be told, he did nothing, least of all confide in me.

Then, that very day, he had another, and realised he had to do something, but still didn't tell me anything. He tried getting an appointment at our GP's but nothing until the beginning of this week, so went to the urgent care centre, where they carried out tests. Good thing is that he hadn't had a heart attack, bad thing is that he has an 'itis' - an inflamation of the esophagus, and this can cause the horrible chest pains that he has been experiencing. Upshot of this is that he has a months supply of tablets, and has to watch what he eats - and no spicy stuff at all. He will then have to be kept an eye on, because if things continue, there can be complications, and we don't want that.

So why was I so worked up? I didn't know, and hadn't been there for him, and I was absolutely gutted about that. His reasoning for not telling me was that he was scared (can understand that one) and that I would have made him go see a Doctor (true), but as I said to him, the outcome was still the same, he was still scared, and still had to see a Doctor - just alone and without me being there for him :( Anyway I know now, and that bit is over and done with, so just have to move forward.

We had to queue in the chemist to pick up his prescription, and the time was ticking on. I was due to meet with the girls at 6.40, so had to get a dash on. Got home, jumped in the shower - and as I was sorting me mouth out, (which I am getting to be quite good at) in my haste, dropped my top denture in the sink (which didn't have any water in :o:o:o:o - however, and thank goodness, it didn't break,and taught me a lesson! Tweaked my hair (which is still driving me mad, as I can still see where she has butchered it) and I was ready. Went off, ate drank and definitely got merry, and had a bloomin' good end to what had turned into a horrible day. And then I went and did it all again on Friday ;)

And now today, I have off along with tomorrow. Ali is due to see the Consultant again, just to check out that things are ok. Iain is still off work (wondering if he will ever return) and hopping around like one of the characters off off the Magic Roundabout. He is able to put weight on his foot, but still has to wear a plastic cast. And so my year continues with contact with health professionals of one sort or another, and although I love Christmas and all that it entails, I will still be glad when 2012 has ended, and will be hoping for a much happier 2013!
Kim, how scary! I'm so glad things turned out ok. :XXLhug:
Sorry your life is still as messed up as it has been all year, I bet you cannot wait to get into 2013.

I really hope next year is much much better for you and your family. Is your mouth comfortable now. :xmastree::xmastree::xmastree::plays:
Aw thanks Carole, and so do I too. There have been some good times, but they have been overtaken by the bad ones, and to be honest, I am still really worried about my hubby, as he is definitely not himself. I think I am going to have to gently nag him to go back and see the doc because when I said to him yesterday that I was worried about him, he told me not to because he was doing that for himself :(

On a sort of good note, Ali saw the Consultant on Thursday, and has been discharged from his care. On a not so good note, he did say he is still a little concerned, as this could recur but if that happens, she will need to be re-referred again. We have known that this could be the case, but are just hoping it doesn't happen again.

Last Friday when I went out for my second Crimbo meal, my mouth wasn't 'right'. One side of the lower denture was digging in to the bottom part of my mouth, and it was really sore (especially as I kept poking at it with my tongue). I got into a bit of a pickle, as up until then, everything has been brilliant, and no problems, so I had it in my head that I would have to let Lincoln take a look, and was panicking, because with so little time left between now and Christmas, I didn't know how I would fit it in.

Anyways, after a couple of days, it settled down, and I have had no more problems, so I am guessing (hoping) it was just one of those things. I have however come to the conclusion that I will never fully get used to the 'superglue'. I have days of using it when it is an absolute doddle, and then I have days where I am a complete and utter woos with it, and end up gagging and nearly throwing up, so on weekends, when I don't need to use it, then I don't ;)

Now, total change of subject, it's almost upon us, most of my shopping is done,tree is up, meat has been ordered from the farm shop - usual suspects, turkey, gammon and pigs in blankets etc - and all that will remain will be for us to wrap all the goodies that we have got in preparation for the BIG day. Our tree is beautiful and we had lots of fun decorating it and reminiscing when we put various ornaments on it about the memories they hold :plays::snowman::xmas::xmastree::plays::xmas::snowman::xmastree:

Carole, have you been on the Norad site yet? They have a Christmas countdown thing - how exciting :)
Sorry I haven't been around much lately, it's been a bit manic with starting the new job. :whirl: Anyway, i'm here to wish you lots of positive thoughts and good wishes for 2013. :bounces: :clover::clover::clover: :bounces: :cheer::clover::clover::clover: :cheer:

I know you've had a lot of things going on this year, but don't forget to celebrate what a huge achievement getting your new teeth has been. You have overcome so much fear and you now have a smile to be proud of.

I hope the rest of the family gets better soon too.

Oh, Kim, I do sympathize for I have had a CRAZY 2012 myself.
Starting off the holiday season by being told my current job is being taken over by one of our vendors (I'll have a job, just not the one I've been doing for the last 12 years). Then, went on a job interview, got the job (the same work I've been doing for 12 years), still waiting to hear "officially" from them..........though hubby says not to worry as the job doesn't start til mid- January.
Got the house (outside and inside) decorated. Put tree up (fake). Bought ALL the Christmas presents I needed to buy.
Still.......I have to wrap them.................bake cookies for the family, make something for a potluck Christmas dinner I'm going to on the 22nd.
I STILL have to do the job my company's kicking me out of............though without the usual cheer I usually have.
My 22 year old son STILL bumming around the house with NO job, and apparently NO ambition to get one.....................my husband and I have decided to wait until after the holidays to start getting on him......don't want to ruin the holidays.
Root canaled tooth still bothering me a bit.................though my dentist wants to wait to see me until January to give it a little more time to heal.
Sorry, I've taken over your journal for a rant
Glad to have 2012 behind us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks girls, and apologies for not updating sooner. Sparkles, I hope that you are settling down into your new job and enjoying it? And Jen, poor you, I hope things work out with both your tooth and your son and for the best on both counts.

Well, where do I start, I guess from last Saturday would be a good point. I got up bright and early with a view to really getting stuck in sorting my utility room out, as I have a huge rack out there full of just about everything foodie wise, but which keeps getting used as a dumping ground by the rest of the house. I also have out there a small chest freezer, and the dog's food stand is kept out there too, along with everyone's shoes etc.

So I am sorting through the rack, putting everything in date order etc (it's like working in my own little supermarket ;) ) and all of a sudden, I slipped on a bit of water (the back door comes in to the utility bit and we had had a lot of rain, so there was still some damp bits on the tiles, and guess what, I didn't see them, so I did a bit of untrained pirouetting around, and bounced off the freezer a couple of times before landing on the floor!

Well, talk about feel real stupid :giggle: and a bit more than my usual! With everyone still in bed, I managed to drag myself up, say a few simple words like 'oh dear, silly me' NOT! They sounded nothing like that when they left my mouth I can tell you :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Anyway, dusted myself down, and carried on. Got a lot done, including my torso too!!

So, Sunday comes around, and again I'm up first, so come on here to see what the world has been up to. As I was sitting, I felt my back (for whatever reason I don't know) and thought, ouch, that's a bit tender. Then I did the same thing again, so got up and went to a mirror and looked :scared: OMG I had two of the biggest bruises I have ever seen, one covering half my back, and the other a big chunk of my side!!

What an idiot. So not having told anyone I had fallen, I now had the proof and one way or another would end up with them knowing. That came later that day, as I became more and more in pain, and then just as I was getting ready to go out for our family Crimbo meal out, by hubby comes up to me, hugs me, and begins squeezing real tight - so tight that I yelled out in pain. When he asked what was wrong, I had to 'fess up' and the look of sheer horror when he saw the state of me will remain emblazoned on my brain for a long time to come ;)

That's nightmare number one out of the way, so let's move on to nightmare number two for the week! As I just mentioned, we were going out as a family to a lovely old pub for dinner. So I got myself ready and was starving as I hadn't eaten all day. I had managed with my teeth and no glue because I hadn't eaten, but I really do need to glue me 'gob' in to cope with food. And I wanted to do a good job of it, as it was the first time my son and his girlfriend had seen me since getting my new smile :)

I gave myself plenty of time, so that I wouldn't panic and all that. Did all the 'prep' and then began to glue my top denture. Don't need so much on that, popped it in, all good. Did the bottom one, and as I was, I was thinking to myself how much easier it was 'piping' it on to my denture than usual. Well, it soon became apparent! I usually do all that first thing in the morning, when the bathroom hasn't really heated up. However, this was early evening and the bathroom was really quite warm, hence the 'glue' being softer...........

So, popped in the bottom denture, and all the usual stuff, like holding it down etc, when I began to taste something and my mouth, and then realised my mouth had sort of 'stuck' in a strange shape. When I looked, because the glue was so much easier to use being soft, I had applied TOO MUCH!! and it was coming out of the bottom of the denture, gluing my outer denture to my mouth :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

So, here I was, desperately trying to shift this gook from my mouth without being able to budge the denture as I really had done a fantastic job of securing it well!! I managed it eventually, but without adding several grey hairs to my head, and losing a couple of pounds in panic sweat:)

Anyway, we went out, had a lovely time, few glasses of the old :sleepyjuice:and returned home. The wine (red) had stained my teeth a bit, and so I decided I would deal with the getting them out and giving them a good old clean........ so here continues disaster number two!

I thought I was pulling my brains out trying to get this denture out. It had definitely taken a liking to both my mouth and the glue. I had a couple of panic attacks, but then eventually it became to come out. Only problem with that being, was that because I had used so much 'glue' I looked like something out of a horror movie, and then on top of that I began gagging uncontrollably which then made me get :sick: literally!

What a palava - managed to sort myself out eventually, and dried my tears, and was fine again, but just came to the decision that me and this glue stuff are going to have a pretty rocky relationship if it keeps behaving like that!

Then we move onto disaster number three of the week. FF to Monday. Iain is still off with his ankle, when he gets a phone call from Amazon - they thanked him for all his hard work and all that rubbish, then whispered the words you always want to hear - we no longer need your services, we are 'releasing' you!!!!!

So, there I am at work, and the phone goes, I couldn't even understand what was being said at first, through the sobs of an eighteen year young man, being told the week before Christmas, that no only has he had a nasty accident, but while he is still recovering, he now doesn't have a job to go back to :mad::mad::mad: That feeling of helplessness rained down on me again - I couldn't leave work, but at the same time, I wanted to give him such a hug and tell him everything would be ok, and for me as a mum, that was so needing to be done.

Couldn't do that :( but when I got home, although he was still in a pickle, he and his dad had decided to go to the pub for a good old chat and a beer, and I got invited too, so we went off, had a good old heart to heart, and he felt better after that :) So, another reason to be wanting to see the back of this year!

Now onto number four, the latest and hopefully last for this week. The last couple of years I have ordered my meat from our farm shop, and my hubby has gone and collected it. However, it has been really stressful, as we have had :plays:and it has made access to the farm shop which is way out in the country, a tad difficult! So bearing this in mind, I decided to do the responsible thing this year, by ordering my goods and asking that they deliver them. They couldn't allocate a time, but I had arranged that there would be someone here all day long, as well as the dog ;)

I got home from work at 4.50 (farm shop shuts at 5.00pm) I check my moby, which I have done all day long anyway, and while I was driving home, the farm shop tries to phone me. I returned the call, to be told that the driver had called at 10am this morning and then again at 11.30am - an no-one was home:scared::scared::scared::scared:

By hearing this, my stress levels went through the roof!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! There has been someone home all day today, every second of every minute of every hour. Ok, deep breath - then she says, can you come and collect it................ NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I still have other stuff that I simply have to do tomorrow and am back at work on Monday. Ok........ she then says when is there someone home - 'Now' - she didn't hear me - obviouslyo_O - so I said I would arrange for my hubby to be here until lunchtime tomorrow. She very curtly said that she hoped that they could do that...... I then asked what would happen if they couldn't????? Her reassuring response was 'I don't even want to think about that nightmare right now' - Errrrr, you don't and I do - yeah right.

So I come off the phone and frantically ring my hubby at work (being a policeman, this is such a big no no - only if it is a complete and utter emergency - this was, so apologies for that - I quickly rambled out those magical words he was longing to hear 'can you get my meat order tomorrow for me' - yes came the answer - I even more quickly rang this stupid (sorry) woman back and told her we would collect it tomorrow. Her tone changed, she apologised, and said she hoped that the driver hadn't knocked at the wrong door as he had difficulty finding us!*!*!* And thanked me for the fact that we would collect.

Outcome is, that next year, I won't arrange delivery from them, I will wait for the snow to come, have the panic about how we are going to get our meat in time for Christmas, not have the snow answer me back in a curt manner, and know, that through hell or high water, my hubby will make sure that I get my meat order in time :)

And so there you go one and all, and especially Carole, as I just know that you will be :XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug: just a wee bit over all of this, and just imagine that through the good and the bad, so have I.

Out the other side as per, and living to tell the tale.

Am still not totally ready for Crimbolina, but plan to get all that sorted over the weekend - so watch this space, as we all know how the best, and especially mine, laid plans tend to go.

I am in 'Gordon' mode tonight - I have this incredible craving for pizza, so I am going to do a 'Gordon' - well not quite - I don't have a pizza oven, so I will open the page of the takeaway leaflet, dial the number and satisfy my craving :giggle:

Sorry for the long post, but it makes up for lot's of little one's and keeps you all up to scratch with my crazy 'Kim' world!

I will be back before Christmas, but will take this opportunity of wishing all my new found friends, fellow dental phobes, and all of friends to be, the best Christmas this year. Full of love, laughter and no horrible nasties.

Kim xx
:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: I have so missed you posting on here is detail. You know I have had to have a chuckle.

But I am so sorry for your son. How horrible of Amazon to do this, they are not the only ones to use and abuse youngsters, it is so terrible that they chose this time to do this. It was on their premises that he had his accident for goodness sake, you would think they would show a bit of concern, not repay him by letting him go. It really makes me mad, it is so hard for the youngsters to get a job, or anyone for that matter these days and full time jobs are almost extinct these days, then they are not treated right at all.

I bet that bruise hurts, I did say ouch!!! for you, now what I did find hilarious was your tooth adventures, they really do have a life and mind all of their own. Now that was funny. I do feel one day I might regret having a chuckle at your adventures. But if one day I end up with dentures myself, I know your thread is here to guide me through.

Have a really good Christmas yourself and hopefully a Happier New Year.

I think I am paying for my chuckles, as my jaw keeps locking when I yawn and I have to massage it to close it properly again. It hurts too, so there you go pay back.

:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:For your bruise. How is Ali doing?

What is Gordon mode, what have I missed with the pizza thing.
Hah - you will be in the minority where your teeth are concerned, and you will still have a full set for many moons to come - the fact that your jaw keeps locking, well just means you have been looking the wrong way when the wind has blown lol.

Gordon just loves pizzas, and has his own pizza oven - I have lost count of the disasters this week, so tonight was another - Iain ordered the pizza, didn't tell them we like it thin crust, so got the all sooooo stodgy stuff crust and the bloke had a hissy fit with the chillies and decided that home cauterizing would be the way to go - so Iain is going out tonight and will be a cheap date as he can't taste owt so water will be passed off as vodka or gin, and me, well, any open wounds I may have had from my extractions all those months ago, will definitely be sorted once and for good by now - it's ok Lincoln, just joking - all good :)
Well Kim, i've just been catching up on here after a busy couple of weeks settling into the new job which is going well thanks.

I can't believe amazon have let your son go like that. I'm not sure they are allowed to when he is on sick leave? Sounds a bit dodgy if you ask me. :naughty:

I hope your new smile behaves itself over xmas and you manage to enjoy your xmas dinner without any problems although i'm quite sure you will have some stories to tell that will give me a giggle! ;) :giggle:

I haven't been able to get on here much as i've been so exhausted after work but i'm always thinking of you and hoping your doing well. I hope you have a really lovely Xmas and santa is very good to you as you deserve it!

:friends: :Santa:
Bless you sparkles - I can imagine just how creamy crackered you are after a day working for the NHS! It never lets up does it? But I am glad you are enjoying it, and hopefully will enable you to get properly back on your feet again :)

We are going to look into it all, because just not happy with the way things have gone for him, or others, but I think half the problem is that the majority of them are temporary employees employed through an agency, so if they no longer require your services, then they just boot you out!

My mouth will be all good on Christmas day, I will ensure that I have enough glue in to eat drink and be merry, without having it all spill over and literally glue my mouth shut - tho' I daresay my hubby and the kids may be happy if it was glued shut, they wouldn't have to listen to me nagging ;)

I've had a glue free day today which is lovely in some ways, as I haven't to worry about chiseling it all off when I clean my denture. I'm joking, I don't actually use a chisel :giggle: I was just thinking to myself this morning, what a journey all of this really has been. I have gone from ducking and diving in car parks and supermarkets, to now actually speaking to people about how I am going with them. Right enough, they are a selected few people who do know, there are still some who don't, or if they do, aren't letting on if they do.

I have found more people than I would ever have guessed who have admitted they are petrified of the dentist, the odd few who say it's not so bad, and one or two who tell me they are not bothered by it at all, and that the thing that worries them more than anything, is the cost of treatment, and I think that for the most part, that would be a concern for the majority.

But I think that the one thing that has come out of all of these conversations both on here and with people I know, is that what they want ultimately, is a kind, caring dentist, who is willing to take the time to work with those of use who are more scared than others. There are some of us who have been extremely fortunate in having found just those dentists, and some that are still searching, and for those of you who are, we are still looking at how to clone the Lincoln's, Gordon's and Mikes of this world :)

Anyway, enough of this toothy talk, lets get to the proper conversation, Christmas! :xmas::snowman::plays::Santa::plays::snowman::xmas::xmastree:

My hubby got up good and early this morning and went to the farm shop to collect my failed delivery order of yesterday! I was so excited when he arrived back, tho' he did say that for the last two years he had problems getting there because of the snow, and this year, because the roads were so flooded!! Anyway, back safe and sound, along with my meat, so I was a happy bunny.

Sorted out the bigger gammon and turkey breast for New Years day (I do a re-run of Christmas day on New Years day, and this year I will have everyone for New Year. I've got pigs in blankets, sausage meat, stuffing - OMG I am drooling at the thought. I will be putting my gammon in the slow cooker as I did last year, and it literally just melted away, and gives me more room in the oven.

Went to finish off my food shopping today, and was getting a bit miffed at the rudeness of people, so much so that a few of them nearly got my trolley rammed into them because of it :naughty::naughty: and I have to admit, it would have been done deliberately too - how bad is that - even more :naughty::naughty::naughty::naughty::naughty:

Anyway, got our picky bits for Christmas Eve, my prawns for our Christmas day starter - yes I do a good old fashioned prawn cocktail, Yorkie puds because even tho' I don't do beef, we all love them, my favourite veggie, sprouts, beans, oh just everything - I will be having at least ten of my five a day on Christmas day!

Everyone is coming round for brekkie on Christmas day, and we will start the day by cracking open a bottle of Champers - sounds ever so posh, and we are so definitely not, but it is just a family tradition that we have held for a long time now, and wish to keep it going. Then we will begin exchanging prezzies (of which I still have some to buy tomorrow.......)! and then the oven will go on, the part baked crispy rolls will go in, the meat and cheese platter will be set, and the eggs boiled, and we will all sit down to another family tradition, a continental brekkie. Difference being that this year, I won't be cutting up my crispy roll with a sharp knife and eating tiny bits of it, I will be diving right in there with my new found gnashers and eating like a proper person :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Then the food will be gone, the big one's will move on, and we will continue with our Christmas day, eating, drinking and getting far too merry with any luck ;)

Can't you tell I am just such a big kid with all this :xmas::plays::xmas::plays::plays::plays::plays::plays::xmas::xmas::xmas::xmastree::xmastree:stuff. I just love giving prezzies, more than receiving, as I like to know that I have given something that is liked - bring it on :)
HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS :xmastree::xmastree::xmastree::snow::snow::snow::plays::plays::plays::Santa::Santa::Santa::Santa::Santa::Santa::Santa::Santa::Santa::Santa::Santa::xmastree:
I am in a bit of shock as I hadn't realised that I haven't been on here since before Christmas! Goodness me, so many things have been going on - as per the 'Kim' theme:whirl::whirl::whirl::whirl:

So, where to start. With Christmas I guess, which was lovely. The big one's came round with their OH's and we exchanged prezzies and everyone was pleased with what they got so that was good. Then we had our continental brekkie, then the big one's moved on to their OH's families, and it was just the four of us, and I have to say it was in some strange way - lovely - I didn't seem to have so much pressure from everyone, and we had a lovely dinner, albeit later than planned because my elder children came round later than planned ;)

Boxing day was a real chill out, with the leftovers from Crimbo dinner to eat, and I made a wonderful bubble and squeak out of my leftover veggies to go with the gammon and turkey :hungry::hungry::hungry::hungry:

Then I had the time in between Christmas and New Year off, where I had plenty to do on the lead up to New Years Eve, which was really quiet, as hubby was working so just me and the two youngsters. New Years day, I had everyone round for a repeat of Christmas dinner - wow - big job ahead of me and so I was 'prepared'. I had taken my turkey and gammon out of the freezer a couple of days before, and as per instructions, left them to defrost in the fridge...........

What I didn't bank on was the fact that my fridge was playing up, and because the gammon was smaller than the turkey, that was fine. However, when I came to put in my turkey, it didn't feel as 'floppy' as I thought it should. And I was right - it was still frozen in the middle O) So, I spent the next good while, running it under cold water to defrost, which it eventually did do, and ended up being sooooo good, and hey, no one had food poisoning, so that was a bonus (my smilies aren't working :( )

And then we enter 2013 with an emotionally straining, family wise, New Year, which is far too complicated to ever want to go into, a hubby who still has a bad tum, a daughter who has had two weeks off from Amazon and is now on a 'blue badge' which basically, from what I can understand is sort of permanent, but not, as she has to re-start a new 3 month trial period, of which they can 'release' her as and when they feel like it....:( A son who I honestly can't make head nor tail of, and I am feeling so worn down by it all that I guess I am feeling that it is what it is at the moment - I may find out when I am in my more twilight years, but I am not going to hold my breath on that one!

And then we get to me - well, what can I say. I will start with my mouth. There isn't a day goes by that I don't gag - I think it is the thought of the superglue - I subconsciously get myself worked up over that. There have been a couple of days where I have gone without it, but I have noticed that my bottom denture seems a lot looser, well, it has done on a couple of occasions, so I am now 'experimenting' each day with the glue. Top denture is really good, and I just need to put a 'dab' of glue on it, as it really does stay in place. Bottom one, well, after the episode the other week where I used too much, I am trying to get to a happy medium with the 'superglue'.

I am getting there with it, but it hasn't been helped by the fact that although I haven't (touch wood) been ill, there are a lot of bugs going round at the moment, and on a few occasions, I have been fine one minute and the next feeling really (smilies still not working :( ) sick, and then that sends my brain into overdrive thinking about the glue, and the 'spiderman effect' and by the time I get to sorting myself out, I am gagging :(

Tonight I was in 'bold' mode, and all was good, got myself sorted out in no time with just the slightest gag. I still get frustrated with my speech at times, and I have seen a few people lately that I haven't seen for ages, and I have felt, that they are looking at me thinking that there is 'something' different about me, but they can't quite put their finger on it, and so I have felt a little bit 'out of my comfort zone' type thing, but again, I am putting a lot of this down to the fact that not only have I been feeling a bit yuk, but my back has been total grief for the last week.

Then to top it all, I was coming down stairs last night, my foot went over the edge of a middle step, and I went a*** over you know what, hurting the bottom of my back and my shoulder, where I bounced down the rest of the stairs - so, having just got rid of the bruises on the left side of my back, I am now starting to develop very similar bruising on the right side too :( So I have come to a grown up decision today, I am going to invest in a Stannah stair lift that will get me up and down stairs, and providing that I remember to strap myself in......... ;) then I should reduce the number of falls down the stairs that I have had over the years (smilies still not working :( :( :(

So 2013 has started off as I don't want it to continue - Hubby has today been back to quack who has prescribed more tablets to help quell his tum - Ali has been prescribed pain killers for her back as physio not really working, I've not felt a 100% at times, thankfully I haven't as yet had what a lot of my friends have had and my back, well, that is just down to age - me falling down the stairs is down to 'rubishness' and all in all, I am keeping everything x'd that it won't get worse - if it does, I will have to go back to my Catholic beginnings and start saying my Hail Mary's and Our Father's in the hopes that they hear me and lend a helping hand xx
Wow, it doesn't seem like anyone's New Year is off to a good start here.
I had such hopes that 2013 was going to be MUCH better than 2012.....................at the very best (at least so far) it seems to be about the same as 2012.
I'm not going to give up on 2013 yet, though, as the year is STILL young.
Hopefully, the rest of your 2013 will turn out better,:dunno:???????????
Oh yes Jen - I have decided to enter this year with a more positive mind in that all the c*** that is sent flying to me, I am going to send it flying right back - I have to admit tho' - although he does drive me mad, I am worried about my hubby - watch this space for updates on that one.

Haven't caught up on everything as yet, so am hoping you and your's are the best you can be at this moment in time - I have it in my head that you have an appointment coming up.... - have been wrong in that one in the past tho' so not holding my breath xoxox
Oh yes Jen - I have decided to enter this year with a more positive mind in that all the c*** that is sent flying to me, I am going to send it flying right back - I have to admit tho' - although he does drive me mad, I am worried about my hubby - watch this space for updates on that one.

Haven't caught up on everything as yet, so am hoping you and your's are the best you can be at this moment in time - I have it in my head that you have an appointment coming up.... - have been wrong in that one in the past tho' so not holding my breath xoxox
You are right...................I've got one on the 17th, going to put my dentist through his paces (like always, :)), because he's got a crown to do, a molar to fix (or fill, not sure if it's a fracture or decay) then I have a lower right side tooth that's chipped out..............don't know what he'll do for that one :dunno:???
My hubby has went and replaced the TV set that frizzed out on him when he shut it off. I've yet to replace my electric skillet..............it's just a matter of going to the department store and picking another one out.
My son is STILL not working, he says he's applying :hmm: :dunno:????
I have a feeling he'll STILL be living with me in 50 years when I'm 99 and he's 72, :ROFLMAO:.
I think that since 2013 got off to such a rough start for us here, it will have a GREAT middle and a TERRIFIC end!!!!!