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I'm so scared. I can't stop crying. HELP



Sep 20, 2017
I just found out all four of my teeth are impacted, and by the X-rays it looks pretty bad. I've decided I'm going to be fully knocked out, I don't even want to be remotely aware for the surgery. The thought of my gums being cut open and the teeth being cut and pulled out of my mouth. As well as the swelling, brusing, stiffness, bleeding and everything else about it scares me. Even the anesthesia scares me! Because I hate needles! I'm terrified. Any reassurance would be appreciated, as well as how your wisdom teeth removal and recovery went. (But if it went bad please don't tell me I am worse case senaorio person.


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
I got all my wisdom teeth taken out at once - along with all the rest of my teeth! I was unconscious too, so that part was fine.

Coming round was like waking up from a nap. I was very groggy. There was no pain as I was numbed with local too. There was some blood, but I had full extractions, so I expect yours will be much less. It stopped really quickly, and I was too sleepy to care about it! Also too relieved that it was over :p

The healing was honestly a breeze. I was a bit swollen, looked like a hamster, and it was tender, as in it hurt if I poked myself in the face, but it wasn't actually what I'd call painful. They gave me some strong painkillers, plus standard ibuprofen and paracetamol, but I didn't need the strong stuff ever, and really just took the others to keep the swelling down. I don't think I bruised at all either.

Complications with recovery (dry socket etc) are rare. As long as you're careful for the first couple of days and follow the care instructions you are given, you will be fine. :)