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I'm so scared that I will lose all my teeth eventually



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Feb 6, 2021
Preston, UK (originally)
My mouth is an absolute mess. I go to the dentist every year, or twice a year, but I just can't stop it from getting worse and worse. I have too much prior damage and I am so ashamed of it and my mouth and myself. After a bike accident I had to have root canals as well. And the fillings that were put over the broken teeth (bonding) from that fall have brown stains and I am scared shitless about that. Especially in the ones with RC, I won't feel pain if it's already rotten away.
I just wish I could get a second chance and not have to live with this anymore. I just can't see a future for me where I am happy because I will always struggle with my teeth. It makes me so sad and desperate and I don't know what to do. I swear
I tried my best for a long time.

In this past year due to COVID I neglected flossing (but not brushing!) because my jaw won't open up well and I kept having these spasms where my mouth falls shut and I was hitting my own teeth with that so I developed a fear of flossing. I tried supplementing with xylitol candies that I only let dissolve in my mouth but it's not an alternative and I fucked up. And after a year without, I'm terrified that all my interdental spaces will have decayed and I will lose all my teeth. My next check-up is in four months but I already know that my future is going to be a problem, especially with the teeth clenching and bruxism issue where I have cracks and craze lines in all teeth. I just don't know where to get any strength to keep going anymore. I am only in my mid-twenties but I have already ruined my smile and my life. I'm so scared of the future.

I don't know what to do.
I would give everything to get a second set of teeth that I get to keep without suffering this much. I can hardly eat because my jaw is painful, and I feel guilty ever time I do eat because eating leads to decay. I want to cry over this every day and I can feel how it's sapping away any happiness I could find in life.

I feel like having bad teeth is my biggest failure and how I don't deserve to have anything good in life anymore - otherwise, why would I have to suffer this much? Why do I have to endure when I've not even lived for this long? But all I know is pain and shame and sadness.
I loved my teeth. I used to take so much care of them. But nothing helped. And now I still love them but I hate what pain this has caused me. I don't eat properly anymore, I don't sleep properly. I don't laugh or smile. I'm just at the end of my wit and I don't know how to find any meaning in a life like that.
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Oct 31, 2018
I have had A LOT of decay over the years. I’m in my mid 40’s. Most of it came from childhood. Although we went to the dentist we weren’t instructed or told to brush our teeth at home I mean we had a tooth brush hanging in the medicine cabinet. But no routines established. I still tell my teenagers to brush and floss! Anyhow I have lost count of how many fillings I have had over the years. I remember that as an older teen frustrated with having more cavities despite brushing I told the dentist I wanted dentures. Of course I was being ridiculous but the sentiment was there. I was fed up with getting cavities. He explained the geography of my teeth meant I was more susceptible to cavities. Knowing that SOME of this wasn’t my fault helped. Because dental anxiety took root in me as a young child due to cavities being filled without novacaine I’ve made some bad decisions in my adult life about my teeth including letting years go by without visiting the dentist. But the good news is I always go back to the dentist and get the work done and what I have learned for me at least is that the anxiety about going to the dentist and getting bad news about my teeth is far worse than the treatment. As an adult I’ve never actually experienced pain or discomfort at the dentist. I’m sure I will always have some degree of dental anxiety but I’m learning and growing and managing it. If I can do that, you can too!
Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel

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Nov 2, 2010
The Hague , Holland
Hi AnxietyHannah,

It is very likely that the brown discolouration on the front teeth can be easily polished away. what happens is that over time the border between the enamel and the bonding gets discoloured (because it is not super smooth so pigmentation gets caught there). polishing takes a few seconds and it is super easy. Naturally, I am saying that without seeing you in person so I might be wrong.
If the flossing is too difficult, I suggest switching to tooth-picks because they do not require opening the mouth wide.
Finally, let me share with you a video I made about self blaming for dental issues. Hope it helps.