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[image] is this uneven gum normal?



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Jun 17, 2020
Hello, I have been worrying sick that I might have an issue with my gum Basically, a year and half ago my dentist found a black mark on the x-ray above this one tooth, however when looking at it on the 3d scanner it was inconclusive.

They then monitored it for a while with the hot and cold test, and my tooth was reacting well. Then, I had another x-ray and there was noblack shadow on the gums and they said it's infection free.

I've been worried ever since, because they seemed concerned first of all, bit then wrote it off without much explanation as to why there could have been a black shadow there initially.

I have a question, my gums have been like this for as long as I can remember, however clearly one side of the gums sticks out more than the other. Particularly between my Caine and premolar(?). This was initially sensitive but has become pretty much the same as other parts of mouth with daily flossing

However there's still a unevenness to it, as in the gum sticks out more than the actual tooth itself.

I've attached a picture (left hand side on picture, right hand side in mouth) please take a note of the larger gum between the Caine and premolar. (Gums sticks out more than teeth).

- does not bleed
- doesn't really hurt aside from brushing now and again, but I have this in other places too, mild pain goes away instantly.
- dentists have never pinged me about it, in fact they say I have great gums and take good care, but the x-ray situation made me conscious of it more.

I just hopefully want to be reassured it's normal to have a uneven gum line, and have sticking out more than the teeth like the picture, since the two dentists which I use have never said anything about it, in fact the hygienist also didn't say anything about it.

I plan on asking them on my next routine appointment but that's 2 months away a d I'm a worrier :/

Update: added a photo trying to highlight the area I'm asking about. Sorry I couldn't get my finger without blocking the view.


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It's completely normal. Try to stop worrying about it.