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Immediate Denture after Extraction and Bone Graft Surgery



Jan 30, 2014

I found out in November that I have severe periodontal disease. Now I am facing the extraction of all my upper teeth. The dentist will perform bone grafts at the time of the extractions and place four implants. I will be sent home with an immediate denture. Just wondering what I might expect once I'm home. I'm extremely scared and anxious. I'm having trouble eating and sleeping. Thanks to anyone who replies. I can really use all the advice and hand-holding I can get.
well done for getting through your laser gum treatment:jump::jump::jump:
I have had , in a few stages all my uppers removed and a immediate denture placed but have not had implants or grafts then had a lower partial a month later but it has been on whole a positive journey with maximum of 3 days of over the counter pain relief, more as a precaution, and I was back to work after a couple of days, it wasn't as bad as I thought and I am now in the process of exchanging my immediates for a more permanent set, just wanted to jump in and wish you all the best with your treatment and let you know I am following your story to see how you get on, Good luck :clover:
we often provide similar care for people in the UK and I can tell you what they typically experience.
As a general rule, getting an implant placed is less sore than having a tooth removed. Your teeth will be loose from the gum disease and so it will be easy to remove them, this shouldn't give you any real problems. Over the counter analgesics should be quite sufficient to manage any discomfort.
The bone grafting and implant placement isn't really sore but it can cause swelling so we often prescribe a low dose of steroids for a few days. We also recommend that you have icepacks available.
Your biggest difficulty will be in coping with the denture which will make you feel clumsy - where possible we fit a bridge onto the implants on the same day which allows you to have a really good smile and fixed solid teeth.
We always phone the next day to see how our patients are coping and it's amazing how many of them are out and about shopping or visiting friends!
I hope it goes well for you.