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Immediate dentures problems



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Aug 23, 2016
So long story short, I've been scared of dentists for aslong as I can remember. I'm 35 now and about 11 years ago I snapped all 4 of my front uppers due to a hockey stick, instead of getting it repaired I dealt with it for a year until my wisdoms acted up, I got lucky found an amazing dentist who sedated me and popped out all 8 in one go. I was supposed to go back to get the repair process for the rest of my teeth that were deteriorating quickly and chickened out.

Fast forward to a month ago and my poor mouth was nothing short of a complete and utter train wreck. Family and friends couldn't figure out how I managed to get by with my teeth as bad as they were, and all I use to say is it has to do with money and that they don't cause any pain, and then it finally happened, 2 on the bottom started to cause me a ton of pain, 2 days later 1 on the top goes aswell.

So I opened up Google to find a dentist because the old fella that did my teeth 10 years ago is retired. I found a family practice where they do everything from fillings to full implants. He's the surgeon and his wife is an highly reviewed dentist. Well I get in to see her and she setup a treatment plan, extract the bulk of what's left and leave the 4 teeth in decent shape as anchors for a partial as well and leave the canines but give them root canals and put posts in for an over denture.

I said ok paid the 2000deposit and came back 3 days later and paid the rest in full, about 3weeks before the "appointment ", when appointment day came around I was so scared I almost didn't follow through, I had a family member drop me off as they were going to pick me up afterwards, if it wasn't for the fact I had already paid the 11k I wouldn't have gone inside.

A week post op and I'd like to say it's great but it's been hell, the immediate dentures don't fit right and I've got some brutal sores, she's tried to get them sorted twice now aswell as tissue conditioning,and after wearing them for an hour I get a lot of pain, I keep getting told it gets better but I keep finding myself asking why the hell did I go inside. I don't know what to do its so stressful and frustrating at the same time. I've still got the root canals to get done as well.
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Feb 17, 2014
Hiya scott,

I'm sort of in the same position as you but I have full dentures top and bottom, at the time of writing I can get the tops in but not the bottoms and I reevaluate my decision for going in the dentist practice almost hourly swinging from yup this is going to turn out great to wth was I thinking.

Your in a better position than me I've been back to my dentist as the bottoms don't fit at all and she isn't willing to do anything for a month (had my teeth extraction 6 days ago) I still can't eat and the pain in one socket is getting worse so hoping she can fit me in.

All I can say is I hope it gets better for you and yes you will have really bad days but hopefully the good days at some point get more and more until you have an amazing smile and you realise all the pain and the pain in the back side partials are more than worth it.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow