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Immediate dentures & tooth removal... Help please



Junior member
Feb 19, 2016
Hi all.

I've needed teeth removing for ages now, But always ended up putting it off due to fear & anxiety (10 coming out in total) My dentist has finally agreed to refer me to the hospital for the extractions, Within a week I have an appointment through from the hospital for next week, a lot quicker than I was expecting!

What happens at the first appointment/assessment? Also, as my front top teeth are coming out, I'd like an immediate denture fitted, Will the hospital take moulds of my mouth for this or would I have to go back to my dentist? Also, how long should I expect the making of the denture to take?
Hope this makes sense.
Thank you in advance :)

At my first appointment we took impressions/ molds of my mouth. The next appointment we did the wax try in of the denture to make any adjustments. They started making my immediate denture so I could have it on the day of my extractions. My dentist sent my molds to a denture lab. My dentures took a week to make. I only had 11 teeth left to get extracted.