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Immediate dentures



Well-known member
Jan 8, 2018
How long do they typically last?


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
A long time! The problem is that as your gums shrink and settle around the bone, the dentures gradually become loose. But you can get soft relines to help with that. Also adhesive really helps keep them steady! I had my immediates for ages, and adhesive really helped. The only problem is that they rub a bit more if they're loose, like when you eat, but for me it wasn't painful enough to stop me eating when I was with company. :)


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Verified dentist
Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
Every case is different. The more teeth you extract at time of insertion the more difficult the transition as the fit will be poorer and the changes greater. Typically I put someone in an immediate for 4 months then I start with a new prosthesis at that point. The new one takes into account all the likes and dislikes from the immediate as to tooth position and color. The process takes 3-6 appointments depending if the immediate is very close to the desired position of the teeth and bite. If significant changes need to be made then the appointments go as follows:
1. Impression with stock trays
2. Impression with custom fabricated impression trays
3.Fitting of wax bases obtaining the bite and height of teeth along with the necessary facial support to compensate for loss of bone. This prevents that sunken face look so common in denture wearers.
4. Try in Front teeth only. Verify position and orientation and adequacy of facial support
5. Try in all the teeth set in wax to verify the above and make sure the patient understands and accepts the teeth in this position.
6. Delivery of denture.
Pt is seen post operative the next day whether they have a complaint or not. This is because some people only complain when the soreness is bad. I can see pressure spots before this happens so I have a technique to find and adjust these.
The above is an ideal method but it the method that I use as I find removable prosthetics frustrating for many people.
If your dentist takes their time and tries in various steps and sees you for multiple adjustments after the delivery and you find that the denture is uncomfortable or too difficult to accommodate then perhaps dentures aren't a good solution for you.