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Immediate dentures



Junior member
Mar 10, 2020
Hi everyone, I spent the last week reading post on immediate dentures, mostly because I wanted to know what to expect so I just wanted to share my experience because I didnt find very many positive posts.
Just a tad back story... I have had dental issues since I was a freshman in high school, from cavities to root canals, to crowns, to bridges I tried darn near everything to save my teeth. At the age of 38 and still needing about 8 crowns I decided that it was time to go ahead and have them pulled. My teeth weren't hurting but they didnt look good at all and it was extremely embarrassing talking let alone smiling without a hand over my mouth. I had 10 upper teeth pulled which I was nervous about but I've had teeth pulled before so I knew what to expect. The pain from the extractions weren't bad at all. The worse part was getting numb, I had 1 molar that was completely broke down to the gums so my face where that tooth was pulled is a little sore other than that, I have very minimal swelling, my dentist did pack the extraction sites with some sort of something that he said would dissolve he also put some stitches in to help with the bleeding and healing. For me the worse part was putting the immediate denture in for the first time. It was awkward and felt weird, it also made me gag for the first few minutes which the dentist kinda talked me through. It's been about 24 hours since the procedure and I am perfectly fine, not in any pain, just a small amount of bleeding. I haven't had a very hard time talking just certain letters get tricky but if you slow your words down and think about what you are wanting to say I find it much easier to pronounce certain words. I laid in bed for almost a week terrified of having this done, it wasnt bad at all, i worked myself up and it wasnt necessary at all. I haven't tried to eat yet, but I have taken a few drinks, I dont expect eating to be very easy but I am super happy overall with the look of my dentures. If this is something you are anxious about, dont be.
I agree that it’s hard to find any positive posts about dentures. I’ve been so much happier since I’ve had mine done. It’s been almost 5 months and in April I’ll start the process of getting my permanent set.

Learning to eat with them does take some time and lots of practice. There’s not much other advice I can give you about that, but it does get easier. I can eat most anything now, but biting with the front teeth is still challenging as I have full upper and lower plates. My husband has full uppers with a partial on the bottom and can eat anything. He keeps telling me I just need to practice more, but those bottom ones just do what they want sometimes, lol.
Was able to get some soup on my stomach today, wasnt hard to eat that, I did throw some crackers in there and they were rather difficult to chew if they weren't soggy lol. I have to get a partial on the bottom too but didnt want to do both at the same time. Figured learning to talk and eat with the uppers would be hard enough. Still not experiencing any real pain, swelling is basically gone today, so now its just a matter of learning how to say certain words and eating. I am so hungry I want a cheeseburger bad. But for now I'm just gonna stick with soups, yogurt, mashed potatoes, egg salad etc.
Well I am on day 6... this has been a long week not in any pain just uncomfortable (mostly just my gums trying to heal) but gosh am I hungry I want some food so bad!! Pizza, cheeseburger, hotdogs, bread, tacos anything at this point other than "baby food" as I've been calling it. If I never eat mashed potatoes again it will be too soon. So far that's been the most discouraging thing being so hungry and not being able to eat what you want. I've found myself quite upset over the past 24 hours and I think its mostly just out of frustration. I know I have to be patient and stick with it but after days like today it gets hard.