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Immediate dentures



Junior member
Mar 1, 2021
I'm not sure if I'm in the right place. I just had an almost full mouth extraction, 15 teeth. I am 45 I have Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed now for 21 years. I haven't taken any MS medication for the last 13 years, but for the first eight I tried quite a few. Avonox, Re-Bif, Copaxone, Beta-Seron, and ended with Tysabri. I was on Tysabri for a couple of years, and I was unaware that one of the big side effects was your teeth. I'm sorry I'm rambling, Im just embarrassed by it, and always feel the need to explain. Does anyone else feel like that? My problem is I was supposed to have immediate dentures put in place right after the oral surgery, however they did not fit. I had my surgery done on Wednesday so it has been four days and I tried to put them in tonight but they are nowhere close to fitting. So my question is should I put in some type of mouth guard almost like an athletic type mouth guard so my mouth or jaw doesn't shrink, because they can't get me in to the dentist until Friday. Thanks for any advice
No, there's nothing to be gained from doing that, just wait till Friday.
Thank you. ??