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Immediate partial soooo sore!!



Junior member
Feb 10, 2016
Hi. I'm a newbie and desperate for any advice. I had 3 lower front and 1 lower molar extracted with immediate partial fitted 6 days ago. After the extraction the dentist said I would feel a big click when she was fitting the partial but it didn't happen! I was sent on my way with a totally numb face after having several top ups of anesthetic but I knew something wasn't right as my right side hit before the left. When the numbness wore off I was in a lot of pain and took prescription cocodamol and after 24 hours I still couldn't bring myself to take it out but managed the next day, washed it and put it back in and that's when the indescribable pain started (I know only people with dentures know this pain!!!) I screamed and cried until I couldn't take it anymore so I am now gutted and feel horrible with these teeth missing and talking like my granny used to do. I wont leave the house and even talking to my husband is awful I try to avoid it even tho he is so understanding. I find myself in tears looking at people with lovely teeth and even looking at my Labrador with her gorge white straight teeth upsets me-how stupid?!! As for toothpaste ads-GGRRRRRRRRR!!!! It seemed when I bit down wearing them that the pink part was digging into my gum as it couldn't go any further so I know this needs adjusting but the soreness of the gum with the pain of the extractions is unbearable. On a closer look at the molar there is still part of the tooth there. Does anybody know of a good numbing gel I could use just to get them back in? I also had stitches in the front ones but they seem fine, it's just the molar and my gums that kill. I use a salt wash 4 times a day and still on strong painkillers but the throbbing and stinging isn't reducing. Any advice will be much appreciated. I am 44 and my teeth are very brittle down as I have Crohns.
Thanks in advance! Ouch!! I
Hi, I'm sorry I don't have any advice, just wondering how things are now ?