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Impacted horizontal wisdom tooth extraction hellllllp x



Junior member
Dec 28, 2009
Hi all, I had a visit at the dentist today for a scale and polish and he had found from my previous x-rays I need one filling, I was fine with this but then my dentist told me I have an impacted wisdom tooth that will have to be removed. I seen the xray and it was definately horizontal. When i asked he was saying I have to go to the orthadontist and have a consultation and that will cost 200-300 pound!! thats before any treatment. He said it will definately need removing as it will cause me sever problems if left untreated. What I need to know is how painful will this be, if I will be put to sleep (im not great with the local anesthetic, never works) Also is this going to cost me a fortune? I'm a single mother currently on maternity leave, I doubt I can afford the "consultation" alone, can this treatment not be given on the NHS? Thanks for any help anyone can give, and also i have never had a filling before, have to have the metal one, will this hurt or be uncomfortable? Thankyou everyone x x x
Both my lower wisdom teeth came through horizontal, or impacted. I had them removed by the NHS under a general anaesthetic. All I needed was a referral letter from a dentist that I got after an examination. There was no cost involved except paying for the examination.

This was 20 years ago though, so things may have changed.

As for a filling, well I've had two quite recently and can honestly say they were completely painless, both during the process and afterwards. The worst part is the sound in your head, it is much louder than it really is because the vibrations travel through the bone of your jaw/skull directly to the ear, rather than through the air. It also appears to depend upon where the tooth is that is being worked on, I found that having the top front tooth done was a lot quieter than the top wisdom tooth, just below the ear.
According to the NHS choices website, if you've given birth in the last 12 months you are entitled to FREE dental treatment so long as you've got your maternity exemption certificate ( the same one which you use to claim free prescriptions. )

If your dentist is trying to get you to spend money then he or she is pulling a stunt, and needs to be told so in plain language. :devilish:
Thanks very much. Im going to question this when I go back for my filling, I thought as I have got a 9 month old I was entitle to free dental treatment. And I am also claiming tax credits. I think he is trying to rip me off!!! Many thanks for both your replies x