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Impacted / Partially ruptured bottom left wisdom



Junior member
Sep 22, 2016
Hi all,

First time posting here so go easy on me haha!

Well ever since I was young I have had a fear of the dentist, I had a tooth out earlier this year and thankfully after many times trying I seem to have finally found a dentist that suits me and keeps me calm etc.

I also am highly phobic when it comes to needles, we're talking I passed out once as my blood pressure or some such dropped low, I'm told it's more common than I think so hopefully someone knows what I'm going on about!

So I've just been told that my lower left wisdom is partially ruptured and impacted and as such I've been referred on to a specialist for the extraction. Now I know sometimes this requires sedation and I'm deathly deathly afraid of IV sedation, I mean I'm scared as it is of needles and this would be one going into the vein! How likely is it this will be needed?

Also the procedure itself terrifies me, I guess I'm seeking some re-assurance that it's not all that bad from people who have gone through it, it took me a lot to even book the appointment at the dentist and after having the procedure described to me by reading online it looks nasty.....

Hoping someone bothers to read through all of this and has some answers for me! :)
Have you read the success stories?

Those helped me so much, you'll see that the dreading of the appointment is actually worse than the appointment itself.

And everyone says that once you get the drugs you don't care anymore, and you'll be fine, and it's over before you know it.
I just had my bottom left wisdom tooth removed today! It too was partially erupted. I was nervous, shaking actually in the chair but I just closed my eyes and calmed myself. I knew it would be best to remove it and reminded myself complications are very rare.

Dentist came on, numbed me up(worst part for me) and he got to work. Slight pressure for about a minute? Told me we were almost done, showed me the tooth, most of it was gone and that he just needed to get the last part and yeah done.

It was fast, and originally I had wanted to be put under because I thought my impacted tooth might need it, but he said he would prefer if I was awake because there is less risk, he also told me that he was confident he could wiggle and scoop it put without cutting it, which was the case.

Anyways I just wanted to let you know that you can weigh the pros and cons, know that the complications are rare, find a doctor you trust(which it sounds like you did) then go for it!

For me my tooth was pushing into the tooth next to it creating problems and there was a flap where food got stuck, also problematic, so extraction was the way to go.

I know the reply is a bit late, but I hope I helped alleviate some of you anxiousness.