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Impacted tooth ?



Junior member
Feb 5, 2024
New York
Hi I am new here and have not been to the dentist in 5 years due to fear and anxiety.. I have always had bad teeth since I broke my front tooth when I was 6.. had to wear braces for 7 years .. did not wear my retainers as supposed to .. don’t like hearing bad news from dentists ..

Recently , I’ve been trying to get an appt through my dental insurance and have had the worst experience. But I am finally working towards getting an urgent appointment in the next 2 weeks.

I am going on my honeymoon in 60 days.. and recently I have felt that it seems an impacted tooth is growing in on the top row in the back. I am worried that it is my wisdom teeth (I am 34 and never had them) so I want to get in asap to figure out what is happening. I have no pain, it’s just annoying.

I’m wondering how long it takes for impacted tooth to fully grow in..
If it's impacted it doesn't grow in, that's kind of what impacted means.
Doesn't mean that it's a problem or that it needs any kind of treatment at this stage.
Good luck with the wedding :)